Data Migration to New CIS and Billing Systems

In this project our client was a large energy retail provider. The business challenge was associated with data migration, needing to move customer accounts to a new Customer Information System (CIS) and billing platform. Impact Cyber Group was hired to merge two different CIS and billing systems into one. The original billing system was “homegrown” […]

Mobile App Dev For IOS & Android

Our client for this set of projects was a startup social media software company for sports and recreation projects. Before launching this set of Application Development projects, the idea was to fill the void because there was not yet a social media platform for college sports, such as for NCAA teams. Impact They wanted to build a social media platform with […]

Customer Experience Automation

We partnered with a retail energy client on a Customer Experience Project, in conjunction with a Customer  Automation and Notification system. The biggest hurdle that the client was facing in the industry was in regard to customer retention. They wanted to be able to engage with the customer and stay relevant to them, and they wanted the customer to be more engaged […]

Heroku Migration

Our client is in the home security business and has a growing development team. They quickly grew out of their personal Heroku account and adding and removing developers had become a cumbersome task. This left room for human error to present opportunities for malicious intent. Impact Needing better access controls, team management, and isolated networks, […]

Coin World Transforms The Coin Industry With RFID and Mobile Technology

Coin World has been the largest publisher of rare coin-related material for over 100 years. Whether gathering coin values over the years from hobbyists or launching the Coin World Marketplace for dealers to buy, sell and trade rare coins, Coin World has been a leader in the numismatic industry. One of the growing challenges to […]

Salesforce CRM Lead Management System

Our client is in the home security business and relies 100 percent on their dealers as their sales channel to capture new customers. When they became the second-largest market shareholder, naturally, more prospects were visiting their website, so they did not want to lose those leads.  Impact Implementing a robust CRM enterprise suite can help […]