Product and Rate Automation

Cyber Group was brought in to help our retail energy client develop a products and rate automation application. Impact With energy rates changing by the hour and by the day, every Retail Energy Provider (REP) operates on an extremely thin margin. The margin between wholesale prices and retail prices are incredibly low, making it vital […]

Salesforce Loyalty Program

The client for this opportunity was a retail department store company whose objective was to enhance the overall experience of its core customers. Cyber Group’s role was to assist the client in evaluating and then develop a new loyalty program leveraging their existing Salesforce platform. They wanted to launch a loyalty program that encompassed the […]

Omni Channel Application Development

We at Cyber Group worked with our retail client to enhance their Omni Channel Systems which required our expertise in application development and integration. We had earlier managed production support of the e-commerce phases for Omni where we refactored most of the back-end integration code to improve stability and accuracy of the data coming from the […]