Our Consultants Can Manage Any Project on the Microsoft Stack

Microsoft is known for its extensive stack of innovative software solutions. Organizations across the world depend on their Microsoft stack to deliver countless business solutions. As one of the most dependable software providers in the world, it’s no surprise why Microsoft solutions are so commonly used. Here at Cyber Group, our team of developers can help you install, integrate, and run any of the Microsoft stack of technologies, including their BI software, data and analytics solutions and collaboration programs, just to name a few. Our Microsoft consultants are also very familiar with how to make full use of the Azure cloud.

Capitalize on Our End-to-End
MS Technology Expertise

Our team can provide full-fledged Microsoft consulting services, from the implementation of any Microsoft technology to the continued support of said technology. The following are some of the specific Microsoft consulting services that our experienced team of developers and consultants can provide:

SharePoint is a web-based document management and storage system that integrates with Microsoft Office. It’s highly configurable, which means that it can be customized to fit your specific needs. We can help you architect, test, and deploy any of the applications available through SharePoint, including Groupware, OneDrive for Business, and a variety of web applications. We can also implement SharePoint’s ECM (enterprise content management) system.


Enterprise Content Management

SharePoint’s ECM provides businesses with countless features that can improve your ability to manage your documents, improve organization and boost productivity. These features include centrally managing different content, working with various document properties, using Document IDs to mark all of your content assets with unique IDs, defining permissions to control access to information, and more.


SharePoint can also be used to improve digital media management, improve records management ( ensuring and improving legal and regulatory compliance), and improve web content management (making it easy to create and publish content).

BizTalk is a server that can be implemented to improve business communications in a variety of ways, including not just business process automation, but also enterprise application integration, B2B communication, business activity monitoring, and message broker. It does this by integrating different systems and applications with a centrally managed layer that’s reusable and loosely coupled, and eliminates many inefficient point-to-point communication processes.


We can implement BizTalk and connect apps across many different platforms inside and outside of your organization to improve your ability to exchange data and plan business processes. The following are some of the more in-depth consulting services that we offer for BizTalk-related implementation:


Analysis of Performance & Optimization

If you’re currently using an existing BizTalk server, we can analyze its performance and optimize it to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your BizTalk applications and capabilities.


Server System-to-System Development

We can either perform enterprise application integration by interconnecting the applications you’re using across your organization or perform B2B integration by interconnecting applications between two or more organizations.


EDI & HIPAA Solutions

BizTalk includes native functionality supporting HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Our team can use BizTalk’s capabilities to develop, implement, and integrate transaction solutions that will help you remain compliant with HIPAA. BizTalk also includes EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities that are needed to remain HIPAA compliant.


ESB Architecture

ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) is a type of architecture pattern that implements a communication system between software apps in a service-oriented architecture. BizTalk provides the tools and libraries needed to support dynamic messaging architecture that’s loosely coupled. Our developers can incorporate the functions provided by the ESB toolkit into your BizTalk server applications.

Microsoft has one of the best business intelligence solutions in the industry with its Power BI software. Our team can customize your Power BI solution to fit your company’s needs. We can also create many different data visualizations to ensure that your most important metrics are easy to understand. Microsoft’s Power BI solution can also be used to build custom dashboards and reports so that you have instant access to actionable insights.

If you decide to implement Power BI, we will be able to integrate with all of your organization’s data sources to ensure that you’re analyzing all the available data for more accurate results. Additionally, we can make sure the data is transformed into a single format, thereby making it easier to access your most important metrics when you need them and in real time.

Microsoft Full
Stack Developers

As a full stack developer, we are capable of working with both the front and back end of your Microsoft applications. Our developers are highly skilled when it comes to all the major back end languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as the .Net programming language, which is preferred for Microsoft applications. We can design, develop, and deploy custom built apps to meet your needs and help you achieve your business goals.

The .Net language is popular because it is open-source as well as cross-platform. The use of .Net allows us to develop any type of high-performance, easy-to-use, and robust web, mobile, desktop, and Windows services apps, no matter how complex they are.

An Extensive and In-Depth Range of Microsoft Services Right at Your Fingertips

Microsoft has an impressive technology stack worth investing in — as long as you have the right developers that can get the most out of it. Here at Cyber Group, we can provide you with expert Microsoft consulting services that will allow you to implement and customize a variety of Microsoft solutions that will significantly improve your IT capabilities as well as help your organization meet its unique business goals.

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