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Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their reach and add value to their customers’ experiences. One of the most effective ways to do this is by developing a mobile app. The majority of your customers will have a smartphone of some kind and will be able to benefit from a mobile app as a way to engage with your brand. Mobile apps can be used for many different things, including to make it easier to explore your website, to make online purchasing through mobile devices easier, to provide customers with reward programs, to provide better customer support, and to make it easier to offer promotions.

Here at Cyber Group, we offer full-fledged custom mobile application development services to businesses of all sizes. Our developers can design and develop custom mobile apps that meet the needs of your business and the demands of your customers using a variety of programming languages and development tools for any type of mobile operating system.

We Create Highly-Efficient Mobile Applications That Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

Our mobile app developers will work closely with your company to identify your business needs and goals and create a highly efficient, custom built mobile app that will have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

We Deliver Solutions for Every Mobile Application Need

Whatever your need is for a mobile app, our team will propose a solution that offers the functionality and features needed to achieve your business goals. The following are a few examples of the mobile application development services that we provide:

We work closely with our clients to plan out every detail of their mobile app development. This means that we will discuss what you want your mobile app to accomplish, what features you want the app to have, and what its visual design should be. We will design the functionality, look, and interface of the app based on these needs. We put a great deal of effort into designing an app that has an exceptional UI (user interface) and that provides a stellar UX (user experience). We will also help you determine what devices you want your app to be designed for.

If your customers use a certain type of OS or mobile device, we can design a native app built specifically for that OS or system. Native apps are built for device-specific hardware or software. By building a native app, we will be able to optimize its performance and take advantage of certain hardware and software features specific to the targeted OS or system. Native apps also allow you to send push notifications to your users. However, it’s worth noting that if we develop a native app for the iOS platform, it won’t function on an Android device because it won’t support the language used to code the app for the iOS platform. You would need to create another native app specifically for the Android platform.

Our developers can also create hybrid mobile apps for clients who desire more flexibility. Hybrid mobile apps are a cross between web-based apps and native apps. Like native apps, hybrid apps can be downloaded from an app store and has access to the native platform’s features. The big difference is that hybrid apps are developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages and they run in WebView. Additionally, in order to access the native features of a platform, native plugins will be required.

Mobile Platforms
We Work With

Our development team is well versed in a wide range of programming languages and are familiar with the best tools, techniques, and practices for developing apps for every major mobile platform, including these:

Considering Apple’s massive user base, many businesses are considering developing apps on the iOS platform. Our developers are capable of using Swift and Objective-C (as well as other languages) to program iOS apps for iPhones and iPads using Apple-specific development tools and guidelines.

Android is the other major player in the mobile market. Our developers can use a variety of languages to build your app for Android devices, including Java. We can also port existing iOS apps to Android.

Blackberry no longer builds hardware, but there are still millions of blackberry users, which may make it worthwhile to develop mobile apps for its platform depending on who your audience is. Our developers not only have the programming know-how to build apps for the Blackberry from scratch, but can also port your existing apps to the Blackberry.

We develop cross-platform apps for companies that want their apps to be compatible with all types of operating systems and mobile devices, such as hybrid apps and web-based apps. We can use any number of cross-platform development tools to design and develop apps that will work across platforms.

Mobile Application Testing & Quality Assurance

We will perform thorough testing of the app throughout its development to reduce potential issues and to maximize functionality. Regular testing will also help shorten delivery cycles. Once your app goes live, routine testing will provide quality assurance by ensuring that your mobile app continues to function as intended.

Mobile App Maintenance &

We will provide continuous maintenance and security services following the launch of your app. This means that we will routinely update your app as needed to ensure that it remains secure and to make improvements or add features as desired.

An All-in-One Service Model for Creating Your Next Mobile App

Mobile apps are an excellent way to increase your reach and provide even more value to your customers. If you decide to build a mobile app, consider taking advantage of our team’s mobile application development services. Cyber Group will help to design and develop a custom mobile app from scratch for any operating system that will meet your unique business needs.

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