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Development Services

One of the best ways to provide your customers with the experience they want is through the use of web apps. However, designing and developing a web app requires a lot of programming experience and expertise to ensure that it functions properly and looks the way you want it to look. Here at Cyber Group, we can offer a wide range of professional web application development services customized to meet your specific needs.

We Create Dynamic & Flexible Web Applications That Will Delight Your Customers

Our team of developers will design and develop dynamic and flexible web apps that are specifically customized to meet your business requirements as well as the needs of your customers using the most effective programming languages and frameworks.

We Customize Web Applications to Meet Specific Business Needs

No two web apps that our developers work on are the same. We understand that every business has their own specific needs, which is why we like to work closely with our clients to understand those needs and to address them. Some of our approaches to customizing your web app to your company’s requirements are as follows:

No matter what kind of app you need built, whether it’s a web-based enterprise app, a web portal, or an ecommerce app, just to name a few, we will work closely with your company to determine what kind of features and functionality you need. The appearance of your app will also be very important for both UI (user interface) reasons as well as for branding reasons. Our consultants will provide the guidance you need and will make suggestions for creating a strong UI and an effective overall UX (user experience).

In some cases, you may just want to update or redesign an existing application. We will discuss what you like and don’t like about your existing app. We will work with you to determine what you want changed (such as what features you want improved or what functions you want to add). We will also perform a thorough evaluation of your existing app to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Our developers at Cyber Group are highly skilled in a variety of programming languages and stay up to date on all of the latest web app development trends. For the front-end development of your new web app, they will be able to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other commonly used programming languages along with a wide range of different frameworks using up-to-date tools and techniques that will ensure that your app is user-friendly, interactive, and visually pleasing.

The functionality of your app will depend greatly on its back-end development. It’s the code that connects the web to a database, manages the user connections, and will power the app itself. We choose our back-end development tools based on what your business requirements are. Our team can program the app’s back-end using Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and more. We are also familiar with numerous frameworks (from ASP.NET to Zend Framework) and can work with a variety of different CMSs as well.

Automated Testing &
Quality Assurance

We provide end-to-end quality assurance to make sure that your app is fully functional once it’s launched. We will also perform automated testing once your app is live to ensure that it remains fully functional and that any issues that may develop are addressed before they can hurt your UX.

Digital Audit &

Not only will we perform routine testing to make sure the technical aspects of your app are working properly, we will also perform a digital audit and analysis. A digital audit is a process where the practices, strategies, and outcomes of your app are evaluated. We will analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to determine if your app is performing up to your standards and meeting the goals that you established.

Server Setup &

As part of our web application development services, we will also help you choose a server architecture for your environment. We will take into account several important factors when choosing a server architecture, such as performance, reliability, cost, ease of management, availability, and scalability. Setting up your server has many options; for example, you can place the entire environment (including your web server, application server, and database server) on a single server or you can separate your database management system by placing it on a different server.


At some point, you may also need to move your web app to another server. Migration may be required as a result of disaster recovery, data center closure, server hardware or OS upgrades, server security compromise, or to establish a more scalable footprint on the cloud. We can help plan and execute your migration properly to avoid significant delays and reduce costs.

We Use Diverse Techniques to Provide Solutions

Our team is familiar with many different development techniques and will employ different tools and methods to provide solutions to your specific needs, whether we’re building your web app from scratch or updating and improving an existing app. For example, we can develop single page applications and progressive web applications based on your needs.

A single page application works by dynamically rewriting the page the user is viewing instead of loading new pages from your server, avoiding the potential disruption of the UX between pages. As a result, the app will behave more like a desktop app than a web app. The benefits of a single page app is they are easier to navigate and are more responsive. One example of an effective single page app is Gmail. Once on the Gmail page, you can click on various links, such as inbox or trash, and they will load right away without having to leave the page you’re on.

Progressive web apps combine the best features of a native mobile app with the best features of a mobile website, but eliminating the drawbacks of both. It’s essentially a web app that’s accessible to users no matter what device they’re on, can be used offline, can be easily added to desktop, can be shared with URLs, and are instantly available without the need to load. Some examples of successful progressive web apps include the Weather Channel app, the Uber app, and Pinterest.

Providing End-to-End Service for Your Web Application Requirements

Whatever your web app requirements are, we will provide your business with professional web application development services from end to end. You can rely on our professional team of developers to help identify the needs of your business and customers as well as to design, develop, and implement a custom web app that meets those needs.

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