Strategic Services

Make a Plan, Work the Plan

We have seasoned strategy consultants who understand people, processes, and technology.  Whether you are mapping your customer journey, looking for gaps, or trying to assess the current structure of your Salesforce Org, we have experience across the customer value chain.

“Cyber Group has the expertise and experience, across business strategy and numerous technologies, to provide a real and meaningful assessment of where the organization is, as well as a relevant optimized plan for moving forward. One of the best I have worked with.”

Bill Wachel, Principal

Journey Mapping

The customer journey is our bread and butter.  We understand the processes and technologies that touch a customer from awareness to sale to service after the sale. If you’ve never experienced the rigor of this process, you will be enlightened.


A large number of the projects that we do are around rescuing a Salesforce project that is not meeting expectations.  We can dig deep around a Salesforce Org, a method of implementation that took a shortcut, or take an entirely new approach to how to implement a solution.  Understanding is key.


Over the years, we have done a number of selections from ERP to CRM to integration tools and technologies.  We have a proven methodology for understanding not only how to gather critical requirements, but to assist you in negotiating contracts with your vendors.


When you don’t plan to succeed, you plan to fail.  Project and program management are essential to delivering successful technology outcomes.  Our consultants believe that understanding your business, engaging in “moral-suasion” rather than tools and templates, and always communicating directly are the keys to success in delivering projects.