Salesforce Upgrade & Enhancement

As one of the most established auction firms in the country, this client specializes in all types of real estate sales including single-family, farm and land, commercial assets, foreclosure and occupied assets. When they determined that they needed to upgrade their highly customized Salesforce property management platform, they knew they needed a partner that would be responsive to […]

Data Analytics and Reporting Engine Development

Our client, an energy retailer, was working with close to twenty different markets, and they had five different billing engines for these twenty markets. They asked us to create one centralized data repository, which entailed building a data integration architecture across all five of these different billing engines and turning that into a data warehouse. […]

Debunking the Myth of Work-Life Balance – The Wobble

Debunking the Myth of Work-Life Balance – The Wobble by John Humphrey | EVP Cyber Group, Inc. October 2010 In 2003, I co-founded Pariveda Solutions with Bruce Ballengee.  One of our keys to success was recruiting top computer science and MIS students from leading universities.  I spent a lot of time on the road speaking […]