Customer Experience

Our client is a provider of specialized analytical software to support small to mid-sized hedge funds. They have their own in-house development team and sought out a partner to provide data consolidation and integration to feed their software platform. Impact Success in the hedge fund industry is dependent on collecting and synthesizing data from many […]

Integration Architecture

The project for this client was an application development project, which entailed the integration between the back office system and the Content Management System, the latter of which was WordPress. Impact Our team at Cyber Group did both the promotion and commission systems rollout and integration workflows along with integrating the CMS in one contract. There […]

Quality Assurance Automation Technologies

We partnered with a retail energy client on a QA Automation Project, with a focus on SQL, Selenium, .Net, and QA  Automation technology stacks. Impact Our client had existing CIS’s and every time they made changes (whether regulatory or market-driven) their entire CIS was processed manually whether the CIS process was a  regression test, system integration testing, or new people doing testing. This was very time-consuming and was affecting their deadlines since […]

Customer Information System Assessment

Our client and our project were associated with application development and a CIS assessment. The problem that we were hired to solve revolved around a paper deliverable versus a software development project. Impact The customer had a CIS system which was developed 18 years ago, and the language on which it was written – regarding […]

Developing a New Energy Usage and Billing Forecast Engine

Situation Our client is a large energy provider and they wanted to send a weekly billing forecast to their customers. The goal was to enable their customers to plan their energy use effectively and efficiently. The entire forecast analysis needed to be based on Smart Meter Data. Solution Cyber Group built a forecast engine, CG-ACCURATE, […]

Enhanced C&I Customer Portal

Situation This large retail energy provider wanted to provide a web portal for its C&I Customer. The goal was to empower customers to view and manage their account details online. Our client also wanted to provide its customers with features to allow for both one-time payments and setting up automatic, recurring payments. Solution Cyber Group […]

Developing a Smarter Commission Engine for Sales

Situation This retail energy provider, with over 300,000 customers, wanted to enter new markets across the U.S. In the world of retail energy, sales are done via different sales partners and brokers. With this project, the challenge was to engage with sales partners in new markets and provide them with a solution to view their […]

Configurable User Interfaces and Business Logic for Improved UX

Situation An energy and utilities consulting agency performs assessments for utility companies and suggests how investments should be calibrated. They help utility companies create investment strategies. Every utility company operates differently and has different priorities. This results in completely unique application needs for each one. This consulting company needed a product that could be utilize […]

Secure Mobile Product for Enterprise Document Sharing

Situation The client needed an Android application in the market for a secure enterprise document sharing suite of products to support a multi-platform strategy. The client had no Android development expertise. Time to market and multi-platform support was the key driver for executive management. Our client wanted a full development and QA team from Cyber […]

Product Development for Enterprise Mobile Device Management

Situation The client was having challenges keeping up with the development of new features and fixing defects in their new Enterprise MDM product suite on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Serious defects were popping up at the last minute and time to market was the key driver for executive management. The client wanted a SWAT […]