8 Important Best Practices for Mobile App Navigation

8 Best Practices for Mobile App Navigation Modern day IT systems have radically changed the way workflows, projects, and operations within enterprises are carried out. Advanced technology has significantly affected SMEs, large enterprises, and end-users, with regard to minor and major aspects of everyday life. One of the critical IT turning points in modern history […]

TensorFlow Tutorial: Deep Learning Basics for Beginners

TensorFlow And Deep Learning: Starting With The Basics Being able to identify patterns and predict events in your data allows for much more effective decision making. However, manually doing this is practically impossible, especially if you have a substantial amount of data to go through. It’s why many businesses have begun to implement deep learning […]

The Best Way To Create A Customer Experience Strategy That Sticks

Creating a Customer Experience Strategy One of the main keys to success is the ability to set your business apart from your competition. While certain factors, such as the quality of your product, are important, the biggest difference maker will be the customer experience. If the customer had a poor experience with your brand, they’ll […]

Business Intelligence – A Definitive Guide for the Modern CEO

What Is Business Intelligence – A Modern CEO’s Guide Decision-makers have always made business-related decisions based on the information that they had access to. However, that information used to be severely limited, resulting in a lot of guesswork. These days, there’s no reason to depend on gut instinct or guesswork to make important decisions. If […]

Best Business Intelligence Tools For Businesses of All Sizes

Nine Best Business Intelligence Tools Few companies make important decisions solely based on gut instinct. Successful businesses only make informed decisions, whether they’re minor marketing strategy decisions or major sales decisions. Every decision you make when it comes to running your business can impact your bottom line. Fortunately, making an informed decision isn’t as difficult […]

An Overview of Rest API’s and REST Programming

An Introduction To REST API & REST Programming Once you’ve developed an app or a website that provides a service to your customers, the next step is to implement an API. This will allow your app to communicate with other programs. For example, let’s say you run a website for a specific venue that sells […]

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