What Are Customer Journey Maps? The customer journey is the process in which a consumer becomes a customer. It’s not nearly as direct as you might think, especially in a day and age where the majority of consumers will do extensive research online on a variety of different platforms to determine what their problem is,..
10 Ingenious Ways Machine Learning is Changing Marketing Machine learning is a form of AI (artificial intelligence) in which a system can execute certain tasks without receiving specific instructions to do so. While many larger corporations have beeninvesting heavily into AI, machine learning is becoming much more common to the point where even smaller businesses..
By Eric Noack   When starting a data warehouse or other business intelligence (BI) initiative, several aspects need extra attention due to the inherent differences from other types of implementations. For instance, unlike enterprise-wide software implementations by huge teams, many BI projects are executed by smaller teams receiving continuous business feedback often. The work is..
By Saurajit Kanungo   Organizations have a bad habit of thinking about managed services as a cost center rather than an investment that can (and should) drive measurably improved business performance. In other words, as I’ve written previously, “your support cost on business applications need not be a sunk cost.” To realize a clear and..
By Steven Crofts   (ôrēənˈtiriNG/) noun—a competitive sport in which participants find their way to various checkpoints with the aid of a map and compass, the winner being the one that’s the most accurate and with the lowest elapsed time. I’ve been a Boy Scout leader for many years. It’s one of the things I..