Microservices Architecture: An Introduction For All

What Is A Microservices Architecture? The traditional method for developing new software systems is through the use of a monolithic architecture. A monolithic application is a software that was built as a single unit. All of the code exists within a single codebase and all of its modules are interconnected. However, more and more developers […]

Introducing the New World of Serverless Architecture

Introduction To Serverless Architecture To understand what serverless architecture is, it helps to know what servers are. A server is a machine (such as a computer system) that manages network resources. Its purpose is to store, manage, send, and process data. There are many types of servers, such as web servers, proxy servers, cloud servers, […]

Heroku App: The Ultimate Guide On Hosting Apps In The Cloud

Hosting In The Cloud With Heroku App Building an app is a great way to improve your customer experience, whether it’s a web app or a mobile app. However, whereas a mobile app can be downloaded from an app store, a web app is designed to run on web browsers, such as Safari or Chrome. […]

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

A Guide To Progressive Web Apps (PWA) For Beginners Designing and developing applications for your customers is an excellent way to improve the customer experience. Countless businesses have built apps that make it easier for users to take advantage of certain features and services that are more difficult to access through their website. For example, […]

12 Machine Learning Projects You Can Emulate For Your Company

12 Machine Learning Projects You Can Use For Your Business Machine learning is a subset of AI (artificial intelligence) that allows a system to analyze a specified set of data and to learn from that data on its own without any instructions from the user. As you can imagine, machine learning can be very useful […]

How To Speed Up Your Website – No Matter Which CMS

How To Speed Up Your Website And Improve Conversion Consider all of the resources you pour into your SEO, content, and social media marketing strategies to attract new leads to your website. The time and money spent bringing in new web traffic can be well worth it if your website successfully converts your visitors; however, […]