Understand The Relationship Between Customer Journey & Growth

The Connection Between Customer Journey and Growth Improving customer growth is a goal every business shares. The more customers you have, the more revenue will increase. While there are many different strategies you can employ to boost customer growth, one particular practice that every business should implement is to map the customer journey. Mapping the […]

The Evolution of CRMs – What Does a Modern CRM Look Like?

The Evolution Of CRM’s – Keeping Up With The Latest Trends Over the years, businesses have become more customer-oriented and more dependent on data collection and analysis than ever before. As a result, CRM (customer relationship management) solutions have become a necessary tool for success in today’s business landscape. There are many different CRM solutions […]

7 Ways to Gather Meaningful Data About Your Customers

7 Customer Data Collection Methods To Boost Your Marketing Strategy As far as marketing strategies go, only one thing is for certain — there’s no such thing as a recipe for success. Every brand is different and every customer is different. The question is, how exactly can you improve your marketing efforts so that you’re […]

Understanding How Salesforce Service Cloud Works

Assessing if Salesforce Service Cloud is Right For Your Enterprise Business As a business of any size, implementing a CRM (customer relationship management) tool is a good idea. A CRM will consolidate all of your customer data (such as contact information and account information) from all of the different channels that you use to engage […]

3 Key Differences Between UX and UI That You Should Know

3 Key Differences Between UX And UI Designs Your company website is a critical part of your online marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. You have likely invested a lot of resources into attracting new leads to your website to nurture them through the sales funnel. However, all of your efforts will be for naught […]

The Best Way To Create A Customer Experience Strategy That Sticks

Creating a Customer Experience Strategy One of the main keys to success is the ability to set your business apart from your competition. While certain factors, such as the quality of your product, are important, the biggest difference maker will be the customer experience. If the customer had a poor experience with your brand, they’ll […]