UX Design 101: What Is User Experience Design?

UX Design 101: What Is User Experience Design? Often times when I am talking with clients about user experience (UX) design, there is a misconception that it simply refers to how an application or website looks and feels, aka the user interface (UI).  To some, these two terms mean the same thing.  However, UX is […]

Configuring Product Options in Salesforce CPQ

Configuring Product Options in Salesforce CPQ As we all know, the current buzz word in the Salesforce ecosystem is Salesforce CPQ, and how we can utilize its potential  to understand the needs and requirements of our clients and eventually serve them better. With some amazing features rolled out by Salesforce CPQ & Billing every release, […]

Increase Your Salesforce Org Value

Increase Your Salesforce Org Value Business activity has slowed to a crawl.  The impact of current events has your Salesforce org’s future enhancements on hold while the leadership team navigates the business through treacherous waters.  Your org’s roadmap is unclear as you pivot away from a proactive work strategy of meeting future business needs to […]

Is Now the Time for a UX Audit?

A UX Audit Could Save Your Business  While most of the world is now under some sort of stay-at-home ordinance, businesses are facing challenges on many fronts.  Since consumers cannot physically interact with a business at this time, it is critical that a business provides the consumer with the best user experience (UX) possible in efforts to engage […]

Understand The Relationship Between Customer Journey & Growth

The Connection Between Customer Journey and Growth Improving customer growth is a goal every business shares. The more customers you have, the more revenue will increase. While there are many different strategies you can employ to boost customer growth, one particular practice that every business should implement is to map the customer journey. Mapping the […]

The Evolution of CRMs – What Does a Modern CRM Look Like?

The Evolution Of CRM’s – Keeping Up With The Latest Trends Over the years, businesses have become more customer-oriented and more dependent on data collection and analysis than ever before. As a result, CRM (customer relationship management) solutions have become a necessary tool for success in today’s business landscape. There are many different CRM solutions […]