What the Heck Is Snowflake?

What the Heck Is Snowflake? You probably find yourself collecting an increasing volume of data along with a need to analyze this data to make business decisions.  The name Snowflake may have come up in a meeting, but what the heck is Snowflake, and why should you consider it for your data warehouse? Background on […]

TensorFlow Linear Regression: A Layman’s Step by Step Guide

An Easy Way To Understand TensorFlow Linear Regression Machine learning might sound like a concept ripped from the pages of science fiction, but it’s actually a commonly used application. More specifically, it’s the ability of a system to perform actions without specific instructions from a user through the use of algorithms and statistical models. It’s […]

Take A Step Into The Bright Future With Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis And Its Correlation To Boosting Your Business The success of your business (or any business, for that matter) relies on your ability to make predictions. This might seem unfair, but it’s the reality. For example, you predict what products your customers want and what marketing strategies will be successful. Of course, the decisions […]

What is Machine Learning? – The Definitive Guide

What Is Machine Learning? Information You Need To Know Machine learning is a basic form of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows software to predict outcomes and make independent decisions without having to be programmed to perform specific tasks. This is done by programming algorithms that can collect data and analyze that data through pattern recognition […]

Learn The Importance Of Data Profiling For Your Business

Data Profiling: What It Is & Its Importance To Your Business As your business continues to expand, your data will continue to play a vital role in helping you make sound business decisions. Your data will inform everything from sales and marketing to customer service, so performing data profiling will become more and more significant– […]

TensorFlow Tutorial: Deep Learning Basics for Beginners

TensorFlow And Deep Learning: Starting With The Basics Being able to identify patterns and predict events in your data allows for much more effective decision making. However, manually doing this is practically impossible, especially if you have a substantial amount of data to go through. It’s why many businesses have begun to implement deep learning […]