Best Business Intelligence Tools For Businesses of All Sizes

Nine Best Business Intelligence Tools Few companies make important decisions solely based on gut instinct. Successful businesses only make informed decisions, whether they’re minor marketing strategy decisions or major sales decisions. Every decision you make when it comes to running your business can impact your bottom line. Fortunately, making an informed decision isn’t as difficult […]

What is Data Visualization? A Concise Definition for Business

What Is Data Visualization? Being able to collect and analyze data is essential to making smart business decisions. You can learn valuable insights from the actions your customers take as well as from their general behavior online, all of which is available in the form of raw data. The challenge lies in making sense of […]


(ôrēənˈtiriNG/) noun—a competitive sport in which participants find their way to various checkpoints with the aid of a map and compass, the winner being the one that’s the most accurate and with the lowest elapsed time.