Impactful Actions in Challenging Times

Achieving Positive Impact During Challenging Times With all the challenges facing today’s business leader, one may struggle to identify how to have the most significant positive impact over time.  Consider that the Dow Jones has moved from 29,423 in mid-February, to 18,591 in late-March (36% drop), to 26,019 in early July (40% gain from March).  […]

Take Aways from Chick-fil-A

Take Aways From Chick-fil-A: People, Process, and Technology Being a mom of two teenagers, Chick-fil-A is a favorite in our house. You can count on the consistency in good food, great customer service, fast and extremely efficient delivery, and up to date technology to boot!  Now that’s what a busy mom calls my pleasure! At […]

Pivoting Towards Agility

Pivoting Towards Agility It is the year 2020, and many organizations are still on the fence about whether Agile practices and DevOps are right for their companies.  It is our view, though, that in this time of global pandemic and unstable economies, an organization’s ability to adapt swiftly is vital not only to the viability […]

Help! I’ve Lost My Job, and Now There’s a Pandemic!

Help! I’ve Lost My Job, and Now There’s a Pandemic! Now What Do I Do? The recent pandemic has turned the world upside down, along with the job market. Just a few months ago, it was a candidate’s market in the new job playing field. Now, with over 40 million people unemployed, the job seeker […]

The Great Divide

The Great Divide In a recent interview at the Economic Club of New York, investor Stanley Druckenmiller addressed a number of topics related to the COVID pandemic. He was asked questions about the rebound of the economy, unprecedented liquidity and debt flushed into the system by the Federal Reserve,  the Government and several other investment-related […]

Make Good Choices

Avoiding FOMO and Making the Right Choices In December 2019, my oldest son turned 16.  I need to buy a car.  Choosing a car has become a paralyzing adventure for me.  Literally.  I can’t decide.  I am like Chidi Anagonye from The Good Place.  I understand what my choices are.  However, I keep getting lost […]