72 Types of Software Testing To Keep Your Systems Up To Par

72 Important Types of Software Testing That Keep Your Systems Optimized Software testing is essential to maintaining your organization’s systems. Without routine testing, bugs, functionality issues, and security vulnerabilities are much more likely to appear. These issues can affect everything from the customer experience and your employees’ productivity to the reputation of your business (security […]

Best Practices in Quality Assurance & Production Tests

11 Best Practices in Performing Production Tests Testing is an important part of developing new software. If you don’t thoroughly test your software, there’s a chance that you’ll deploy a software riddled with bugs, defects, and poor functionality, all of which will hurt your user experience. Traditional software development involves unit, integration, and acceptance testing. […]

Increase ROI on Outsourcing Production Support Services

How Outsourcing Production Support Services Increases ROI Almost every business depends on IT in one way or another. If you have an entire ecosystem of systems and hardware to manage, this can be quite a challenge. Not only is your team responsible for developing, testing, and implementing new applications, but you’re also responsible for ensuring […]

Production Support Models – The Best Option For Your Business

Production Support Models To Adapt For Your Business More and more businesses are developing their own applications to help support their business processes and to improve the customer experience. In fact, it’s not uncommon for even small to mid-sized companies to develop multiple apps of varying complexity. However, when your company deploys such apps, it […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Outsourcing IT Support Works Best

3 Reasons Why Outsourced IT Support is Best For You In this day and age, almost every company, no matter how big or small, depends on their IT capabilities to not only store and organize important data, but also to run their organization’s day-to-day operations. As such, IT support is essential to keep your IT […]

What is Technical Debt And How Can You Manage It?

What Is Technical Debt? When you’re designing a new software application, things may not always be perfect on a technical level. Unfortunately, many businesses will take shortcuts when it comes to the technical aspects (more specifically, the coding) of the projects that they are working on in order to save money and/or to complete the […]