Find the Sunshine, Grow Where You’re Planted

Find the Sunshine and Grow Where You’re Planted If you ever find yourself heading towards Denver International Airport, you might decide to skirt  the heavy traffic of downtown.  In doing so, you might find yourself in the midst of a Random Place of Beauty that takes you somewhat by surprise.  While they are not on […]

Banking On Change

Banking on Change Value chains are collapsing everywhere!  Retailers are using their warehouses as distribution centers.  Wholesalers are trying to go direct to consumers without alienating their retail customers.  Corporate walls and traditions are collapsing as work from home and virtualization abound. Think about banking and financial services with the advent of non-banks and software […]

Serverless Demystified

Serverless: Just Another Buzzword? The world of IT is full of acronyms and buzzwords, so it is often hard to tell fact from fiction.  Serverless is not just a flavor of the week buzzword, nor does it mean no servers.  It is the concept of building and running applications that do not require server management.  […]

Brands Adopting an OmniChannel Approach Part 2: DTC Challenges

Brands Adopting an OmniChannel Approach Part 2: DTC Challenges In Part 1 – DTC Opportunities, we looked at the options that brands have to adapt to the evolving retail environment by leveraging Cloud-based technologies to enhance their product visibility and develop deeper relationships with their core customer base, directly and online. With less reliance on […]

Brands Adopting an OmniChannel Approach Part 1: DTC Opportunities

Brands Adopting an OmniChannel Approach Part 1: DTC Opportunities Even before recent events changed retail online shopping patterns, significant trends were already in play, altering the landscape of brick and mortar stores, outlets, and malls.  Simply put, retail dynamics continue pointing towards more consolidations, restructurings, and inevitably reduced doors and square footage.  Branded product companies […]

DevOps Pipeline Layout Part 2

DevOps Pipeline Layout Part 2 The way Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment is being practiced is not only improving the process but also keeping teams connected while making deployments faster. But is this reducing the previous workload and keeping things simplified?  In Part 1 of the DevOps Pipeline Layout blog, we learned that the initial key elements of a DevOps Pipeline are:  Organizational […]