#InTheCommunity Last week, Cyber Group was involved in two panel events relating to community impact. We hosted a discussion on the importance of “Giving Back to the Community,” and we led a session during DFW*ATW’s Executive Leadership Forum asking young people, “What about a Career in STEM?”. This week, we will also be heavily focused […]

Lowering Your AWS Cloud Bill

Lowering Your AWS Cloud Bill We are facing three new C’s: Covid, Cloud & Cost. Over the past few months, Covid-19 has altered the norms of everyday life dramatically. At one corner, we have industries such as aviation, hospitality, tourism, entertainment, restaurants, etc. which have been brought to their knees. In contrast, at another corner, […]

Retail Battle Plan

Air Superiority and a Strong Ground Game Wins the Retail Battle Battle?  Aren’t we talking business here? With all the new normal and virus economics discussions, we may have lost sight of Retail’s epic winner-take-all battles for consumers and market share.  The landscape has shifted in a short period of time.  Many firms that previously […]

Being Technology Agnostic: Does It Help?

Being Technology Agnostic: Does It Help? A long time ago, I started my career working on VB6. After that, I worked on an extensive and complicated project in JAVA. This was followed by projects in Salesforce, PHP, and Python. I have similar stories on the database side as well. Sometimes, when reflecting, I think it […]

Connecting in a WFH World

TouchPoints: Connecting in a WFH World Relationships are more important than ever, and yet, in the WFH world, you are not meeting for coffee, drinks after work or attending networking events in person. It is easy to conclude that networking is impossible in a COVID world. Is that true? I give it an emphatic NO! […]

Digital Transformation Is a Team Sport

Digital Transformation (DT) Is Not an Individual Sport The ROI on Digital Transformation Investments Is Huge There are many success stories lately on how traditional companies have redefined their businesses with digital transformation.  It’s fascinating to see traditional companies like Walmart, Home Depot and Macy’s starting to add digital channels successfully to sustain their core […]