12 Software Quality Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

12 Software Quality Metrics That You Should Focus On Designing and developing new apps for your customers to use can be hugely advantageous to your organization. However, the quality of the apps you build will dictate how successful they become. If you design a mobile app for customers that’s broken, they won’t use it. Not […]

Increase ROI on Outsourcing Production Support Services

How Outsourcing Production Support Services Increases ROI Almost every business depends on IT in one way or another. If you have an entire ecosystem of systems and hardware to manage, this can be quite a challenge. Not only is your team responsible for developing, testing, and implementing new applications, but you’re also responsible for ensuring […]

Understand The Relationship Between Customer Journey & Growth

The Connection Between Customer Journey and Growth Improving customer growth is a goal every business shares. The more customers you have, the more revenue will increase. While there are many different strategies you can employ to boost customer growth, one particular practice that every business should implement is to map the customer journey. Mapping the […]

Production Support Models – The Best Option For Your Business

Production Support Models To Adapt For Your Business More and more businesses are developing their own applications to help support their business processes and to improve the customer experience. In fact, it’s not uncommon for even small to mid-sized companies to develop multiple apps of varying complexity. However, when your company deploys such apps, it […]

Integration vs Deployment – Key Differences Between CI and CD

4 Key Differences Between Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment If you’re deciding how to deliver new software or make changes to existing applications, you have several practices to choose from. These practices include continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. No one method is considered the “right” method as each one has different advantages to […]

12 Machine Learning Projects You Can Emulate For Your Company

12 Machine Learning Projects You Can Use For Your Business Machine learning is a subset of AI (artificial intelligence) that allows a system to analyze a specified set of data and to learn from that data on its own without any instructions from the user. As you can imagine, machine learning can be very useful […]

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