Silver Linings



There are a lot of crazy “first-time-ever” moments going on in the world right now. As a result of COVID-19, the turmoil people are experiencing is overwhelming.  I do my best to stay plugged in to what is going on, but sometimes all the news can get to me.  Recently, I unplugged from all that and decided to check in to see how folks in my network were coping.  Not only was this simple act of focusing on others therapeutic, but the number of responses I got back, and the dialog that ensued were amazing.

Some of the people that I messaged I had not connected with in over 20 years.  We caught up on our families, our careers, and the impact of COVID to our families and businesses. In some cases, we even pledged to get together in person when we have emerged from all of this.  I thoroughly enjoyed each exchange. 

A Focus on the Positive

The thing I found the most inspiring about these conversations was the number of people that shifted their dialog and talked about the positive things that have resulted from all of this.  Most everyone referred to these as “Silver Linings”.  I loved hearing this.  People talked about their family’s slower pace, nightly meals around the same table, game nights, puzzles, walks, bike rides, creative socially distancing celebrations, virtual worship services, and just having more time for meaningful conversation. 

People also talked about how their businesses are coping and thinking of innovative ways they can engage with their teams and serve their customers.  Companies are communicating better now than they ever had, both in frequency and with more on-point topics.  Silver Linings.  

Cyber Group’s Approach

The company I work for, Cyber Group, has been truly amazing at handling this right.  From an employee standpoint, we keep it real in our communications but also keep it positive.  It is so important to be transparent always, but especially during times like this.  We have virtual town hall meetings, virtual happy hours, newsletters, virtual scavenger hunts, and personal check-ins with our teams.  We also talk to our employees about how they can best utilize this time to learn new skills. 

On the customer side, given we cannot have the personal face-to-face interaction right now, we are heavily leveraging project management tools such as Microsoft Teams to collaborate on project deliverables, chat, and conduct virtual calls.  Depending on the client, we also use Azure Dev Ops or Jira to manage software development projects – all phenomenal tools for remote work.  It is great that technology has met these challenges and made working remote possible.  Silver Linings.

Keep Searching for the Silver Linings

It will be very interesting to see what things look like after we emerge from all of this.  There will, of course, be changes that are not good, but there will also be Silver Linings.  Let’s keep looking for those too.

Written by Jeff Abernathy, Principal

As an experienced consultant, Jeff Abernathy brings over 30 years of business experience in helping companies grow while managing their bottom line.  Jeff has a track record and passion for teaming with CEOs and other leaders to achieve their vision. He has a demonstrated history of delivering results in both large and small companies. He is a strategically focused leader with significant management consulting, information technology, operations, human resources, marketing, compliance, and financial management experiences.

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