Triumph With Salesforce Testing

Triumph With Salesforce Testing Written by Santosh Katkam, Practice Lead, Cyber Group Inc. Customer Experience is the new brand and it is becoming the top priority for many organizations and how they get there. Implementing and investing into tools, technologies, and some best practices across the SDLC provides organizations the ability to sustain customer data […]

Why REP’s Should Consider Salesforce for their CRM Strategy

Written by Jonathan Goldstein, Senior Vice President, Cyber Group I was introduced into the world of Retail Energy in 2014 when I joined the Project Management Office of what was North American Power & Gas.  At our height, we dominated the eastern seaboard and boasted 125,000 residential meters.  We were the marketing powerhouse.  I daresay, […]

The Prehistoric Handwritten Note

by Kathy Andrews | Principal, Cyber Group, Inc. Growing up as a kid in Cincinnati, I always got excited when it came time for Christmas cards, to wish my friends and family a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year! The New Year for me was quickly followed with birthday invitations and then thank you notes! You […]

Debunking the Myth of Work-Life Balance – The Wobble

Debunking the Myth of Work-Life Balance – The Wobble by John Humphrey | EVP Cyber Group, Inc. October 2010 In 2003, I co-founded Pariveda Solutions with Bruce Ballengee.  One of our keys to success was recruiting top computer science and MIS students from leading universities.  I spent a lot of time on the road speaking […]

Lowering your AWS Cloud Bill

by Jay Shah | Consultant, Cyber Group, Inc. The three new C’s – COVID, CLOUD & COST Over the past few months, Covid-19 has altered the norms of everyday life dramatically. At one corner, we have industries such as aviation, hospitality, tourism, entertainment, restaurants etc. which has been brought down to their knees, while at […]