Low Code, High-Value Integration

If you are looking for an easy, drag, and drop tool that is affordable, Ignite is your solution.  Ignite is an integration tool, built in Heroku and designed for companies who don’t have a way to easily integrate Salesforce or other enterprise systems.

“The key to making good decisions is having all of our data in a single data warehouse. Having an enterprise integration strategy is the key to accomplishing that.”


A Myriad of Connectors

Cyber Group delivers out of the box connectors in Ignite for Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Connect, OData 4.0, Salesforce B2C Commerce, Tableau, and a number of REST API’S and SQL.

Visualize Salesforce Data

Leverage the ability to push or pull Salesforce data into other applications, reports, or dashboards so users can see the data in real-time, establishing a single source of truth!

Import Data from 3rd Party Systems

We live in a system fragmented world where the department has been optimized at the expense of the enterprise.  With Ignite, you can leverage enterprise data across multiple systems to ensure one source of truth.

Ensure Data Integrity

Eliminate the need for custom integrations or point-to-point solutions by leveraging Ignite to ensure enterprise data integrity.  Our roots go deep when it comes to integration.