Custom Migration

System Migration

Migrating custom systems can be a difficult task.  Whether you are migrating to a Salesforce solution or need assistance in migrating to a new custom system, we have the depth of experience to assist with the move.

“The CMS Project has wrapped up. They knocked it out of the park.”

IT Director

Where is the Data?

The first thing our consultants do is locate the data to understand how users are using the system and how much of the data gets migrated.


Then, we determine the format and the data model.  Is it in a SQL database, MySQL, Oracle, or something else?  After determining the format, we identify the tools we will use to migrate the data.


This is not a dumb question!  Understanding the destination database and/or the data model into which the data will be placed is a non-trivial process.  We document and discuss areas where a client migration will not work.