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Since the customer is the most important facet of any business, implementing a CRM (customer relationship management) tool and focusing on continuously improving the customer experience are essential to the success and growth of every company. Here at Cyber Group, we understand that the customer needs of our clients vary greatly from one business to another. It’s why our CRM and customer experience consultants tailor our services to the specific needs of every client we work with.

We Understand Your
Business and Your
Customer's Journey

When it comes to customer relationship management, there’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all.” We take the effort to get to know the minute details of our clients’ businesses so that we can better understand what their goals and vision are. We will also take the time to truly understand the journey of our client’s customers. By fully understanding both the customer journey and the client’s business, we can more effectively tailor our CRM solutions to meet the needs of both our clients and their customers.

Our Solutions Are Made
To Fit Your Needs

Businesses who are using CRM platforms are often not getting the most out of them. This is because their CRM solution wasn’t customized to meet the needs of their projects. This often results in features and functionality that aren’t used because they aren’t needed. At Cyber Group, we customize our CRM solutions with the needs of our clients in mind to ensure that they will actually get full use out of the platform.

There are many benefits to building a custom CRM system. Not only will a custom CRM system be better suited to meet the unique needs of a company, but they result in better integration with their business operations. We can also help build CRM-related apps for different departments throughout the organization. A custom-built CRM system is more budget-friendly since our clients only pay for the features they want and need instead of buying a prepackaged solution that may contain unneeded features they won’t use.

Our customer experience consulting team can also provide guidance regarding cloud-based CRM platforms. Cloud-based CRM is a technology in which all CRM software, tools, and data is stored on the cloud and delivered through the Internet. For companies that haven’t depended on the cloud to this extent before, we can provide professional advice whether it’s the right solution for them and what cloud CRM solutions they should consider.

Salesforce Consultants and Developers

One of the cloud-based CRM platforms we tend to recommend to our clients is Salesforce. Our customer experience consultants will educate our clients on the use of Salesforce CRM tools. Our developers have extensive experience when it comes to implementing and integrating the Salesforce platform as well.

Using CRM solely as a system that retains customer information is a waste of its capabilities. We will integrate our clients’ CRM platform across their entire enterprise, making sure that all customer-related data from various sources (such as a company website or marketing automation software) will be centralized and accessible in one location.

Your Entire Customer Experience Strategy
Needs to Be in Alignment

When it comes to developing and executing a customer experience strategy, it’s vital that the strategy is properly aligned across all marketing and sales strategies. This helps ensure that a consistent customer experience is maintained across all channels and platforms. Some of the strategies that we will implement to align the customer experience strategy of our clients follow:

Businesses often consider their specific goals first when developing a new strategy. In some cases, they may even be developing strategies based on what their competition is or isn’t doing. This is the wrong way to go about it. We encourage our clients to create a customer first strategy, which involves thinking about the customer first and foremost to guide every decision that’s made and every strategy that’s put into place.

Customers want to be able to jump from one platform to another as they go through their customer journey. If a company’s technology isn’t properly integrated, the customer may find that their experience isn’t consistent. When technology isn’t integrated, user behaviors and actions aren’t always collected in one location. This may cause a customer who may have taken actions qualifying them as a prospect on a social channel to be addressed as a first-time visitor when they jump to the company’s website, thereby disrupting their experience.

Mapping the customer journey allows our clients to see exactly how their customers engage with them as they move through the buyer’s cycle from beginning to end. It gives the client the opportunity to identify where the customer journey is, how customers interact with them at every stage of the buyer’s journey, and at what stages the client needs to focus on improving the customer experience.

A touchpoint is every point at which a customer has contact with a company. We can help our clients identify where those touchpoints are and how they can be leveraged to address the needs of their customers at every stage of their journey and to nurture them further down the sales funnel.

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A Holistic Approach to Harnessing and Responding to the Voice of the Customer

When a company develops new business strategies, there’s one voice that it should pay attention to above all — the customer. We can help our clients to better understand their customers through a variety of strategies and to improve the overall customer experience through a holistic approach.

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