Certified Salesforce
Sales Cloud Consultants

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is a highly customizable CRM boasting countless sales-related features and functionality that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team, while putting the tools they need to build strong customer relationships at their fingertips. And with Cyber Group’s Certified Sales Cloud Consultants by your side, you will have a partner that can leverage the full power of this platform with a vision that is nimble enough to respond to your business and customers.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Customization

The Salesforce Sales Cloud platform is one of the most popular CRM solutions on the market for a good reason: it offers users the ability to customize tools to meet the unique needs of their sales team and customers. This is made clear in the increased ability to do the following using the platform:

As you look at any CRM implementation, the ultimate question should be “How will this help us serve our customers?” With Sales Cloud’s agile platform, you can create a flow that manages your company’s unique customer experience from lead to customer, with all your customer-facing teams working together to keep relationships strong.

Give your team the tools to hit the ground running every day, with a customized Sales Path that reflects the pipeline flow that works for your business. Complete with workflows and views that direct your representatives to the most important tasks and accounts, Salesforce’s Sales Cloud features will help your business make the most of every day.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Your ability to get the most out of the Salesforce Sales Cloud will depend on your ability to implement the platform. With help from our certified consultants, you can leverage the Sales Cloud platform to improve your sales capabilities in the following ways:

We can implement a variety of lead management strategies in Salesforce to improve your ability to identify opportunities and speed up lead conversion. We will implement intelligent lead scoring which is designed to match your priorities. You’ll be able to efficiently identify when leads are qualified and when they are ready to be handed off to your sales team.

Salesforce’s Lightning platform allows for the creation of mobile-friendly interfaces that let your reps update critical information, log cases, or confirm orders while on-site with customers or on the road.

We make it easy for you to track the metrics that matter to your organization in real-time by building custom dashboards that provide a clear picture of your pipeline and performance at any time, from anywhere. Through the use of Salesforce’s powerful Einstein Analytics solution, we can help you leverage your data to discover actionable insights, identify new trends, forecast future events, find recommendations, and more.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

The extensive features, user-friendly interfaces, and customizable functionality make Salesforce Sales Cloud worth implementing. But what truly makes it one of the best CRM sales solutions out there is its ability to integrate with your existing sales and marketing tools.

Salesforce is built for campaign and communication tracking, whether you use its standard features or integrate with your existing third-party tools. Salesforce ties real results in sales outcomes to your marketing efforts, from website submissions to email nurturing campaigns. With all teams witnessing the customer interactions from the same viewpoint, your Sales and Marketing touchpoints intersect for an optimized customer contact experience.


In today’s complex sales environment, there are usually many members of your team touching and interacting with the customer. Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of the client so whether it’s a support person following up on a request or an executive following up on a sales call, none of your enterprise information gets lost in the shuffle.


With the Salesforce Sales Cloud, you will not only understand your customers better, you’ll be able to engage with them more successfully. By implementing Sales Cloud, you will provide your sales team with the features and functionality it needs to identify more sales opportunities and to nurture qualified leads through the sales funnel more effectively and efficiently.

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