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The Service Cloud is Salesforce’s customer service and support solution, which not only includes the Sales Productivity features that move a customer through the pipeline, but also gives you the right tools for ongoing relationship management. With all of the customer’s sales and support information in one place, your company can create a seamless end-to-end experience for excellent service delivery.

SalesForce Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud allows users to customize the platform’s features and functionality to deliver optimized service through a CRM. Here are a few examples of how the Service Cloud can be customized to your specific needs to ensure high-quality customer service:

Customer satisfaction plays a key role in our business and we truly believe in servicing our customers in the best way possible. We use Service level agreements that define Enterprise-level requirements that have to be met to ensure Quality of Service. We offer this quality of service using Entitlement management in Salesforce that defines, enforces, and tracks customer service levels.

All customers would like the assurance that the cases they raise will be resolved within a given timeframe. We achieve this by implementing an Entitlement process with a timeline defined and relate this entitlement to the case raised by a customer.

Imagine automating the assignment of the right work to the qualified person instead of the old-fashioned way of going to a queue and then picking. We achieve this by using an Omnichannel routing engine to help agents get rid of the dependency on ‘List views’ to find new cases to work.

SalesForce Service Cloud

Through the use of the Salesforce Service Cloud, you’ll be able to collect, organize, and access customer data from various sources in one location. Here are a few ways implementation can improve your customer service capabilities:

By implementing the Salesforce Service Cloud, you’ll be able to collect and organize customer data, including personal customer information and interaction history, in one centralized location. This will allow your agents to access customer profiles and case histories within seconds from customized dashboards. As a result, you’ll unify your agents’ experience and maximize their productivity. In fact, the ability to keep your agents connected to all of the customer activity, information, and answers that they need will allow them to resolve customer support cases much faster, no matter what channel they’re on.

Salesforce Service Cloud’s Queues and Escalation features make assigning and resolving customer cases much more efficient. Using Queues, you can prioritize, distribute, and assign cases, leads, orders, service contracts, contact requests, and more to your agents. The Escalation feature allows you to determine what happens when a case is escalated. For example, you can automatically assign your best-qualified agent with a case that’s been escalated. When used effectively, the Queues and Escalation features will ensure that cases never fall through the cracks and that customer support is provided quickly and effectively.

SalesForce Service Cloud

The ability to integrate with multiple channels and data sources will allow you to collect customer information and behavior data from numerous sources into one organized database. As a result, Salesforce Service Cloud integration will provide your customer service team with the flexibility they need to engage with customers, no matter what channel they’re on.

Gone are the days when support agents just needed phones to help customers. Customers expect to be able to engage with brands no matter what channel they’re on, whether it’s through email, phone, chat, social networks, or online communities.

Salesforce Service Cloud integration allows your agents to seamlessly continue communications with customers across multiple channels. These interactions will be recorded, collected and organized in one place, allowing agents access to vital information while speaking with customers. As a result, agents can address the needs of your customers in real time, allowing for more relevant interactions that engage customers more effectively.

Customers who need assistance or have questions may not always be ready to engage with your agents. The Salesforce Service Cloud has a solution to this as well: Communities and Customer Portals. Through the Service Cloud, you’ll be able to set up a Community where customers, experts, and others can discuss your products, post reviews, and engage with one another in a wide range of relevant discussions.

For customers who need further support, you can use the Service Cloud to establish a Customer Portal, which is an online support channel that lets your customers to resolve their own inquiries without the need to contact your customer service directly.

Managing customer relationships is essential to the success of your business. Set your customer experience apart from your competition by implementing the Salesforce Service Cloud solution. Through the use of the Service Cloud, you’ll be able to collect, organize, and monitor all of your customer data from a single location, giving your customer service representatives the ability to seamlessly communicate with customers across multiple channels.

Our certified consultants can not only help you implement and integrate the Service Cloud, but also help you get the most out of its tools and functionality, thereby making it easier than ever to manage your customer relationships.

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