Gain Better Visibility to Key KPI’s
With Business Intelligence Consultants

Being able to track your KPIs (key performance indicators) is one of the most effective ways to monitor the performance of your company and address areas that are in need of improvement, identify new opportunities, and make better business decisions. Here at Cyber Group, our team of business intelligence consulting professionals can help you gain better visibility to your KPIs by helping you design a BI (business intelligence) strategy and implementing a solution that will fit the needs of your organization.

Our Strategy Design Helps
You Solve Challenges

An effective BI solution should help you turn large sets of data into actionable insights. Unfortunately, many companies run into a number of challenges when attempting to implement their BI solution. Here are a few of the common challenges that organizations face when implementing a BI solution that our consultants can solve through strategic planning:

  • The data quality and management is poor
  • The wrong KPIs are being measured
  • The BI solution isn’t properly integrated with all of your data sources
  • The BI solution isn’t adopted across your organization
  • Many solutions aren’t interactive and offer poor functionality

Our Unique Approach to
Business Intelligence

We will focus on developing a BI strategy that addresses many of the challenges businesses face attempting to implement BI solutions. We will also make sure that your BI tools are easy to use and that they will provide your company with actionable insights. Our approach will ensure that your solution will enable you to achieve your unique business goals.

There’s a lot of data available out there that you could be using to your advantage. We will make sure that your BI solution is properly integrated with all of your data sources so that you’re not missing out on potentially valuable insights. Integration is also important because it prevents overlaps that can result in inaccurate KPIs. We will achieve all of this by defining your data structure, defining your data governance policies, establishing your data collection process and methods, preparing your data for analysis, warehousing your data, and validating the quality of your data.

An important part of an effective BI strategy is visualizing your KPIs so that they are easy for your users to read and understand. We can help visualize relevant data in a variety of ways and custom build dashboards to suit the needs of your users. We can also create custom reports that are automatically generated and distributed when you need them.

We do not have any kind of attachment or investment in any specific BI platform. However, our BI consulting team does have the experience and expertise required to effectively implement a wide variety of different BI tools. We will work closely with you to determine which tools are most suitable to your organization’s needs. We have worked with these and many other BI platforms extensively:


Microsoft BI Tools


Microsoft Power BI can be easily integrated with your existing business environment and is known for its fully customizable dashboards and wide variety of data visualization options. Not only can users access dashboards for up to date KPIs, but both dashboards and reports can be embedded into various applications to create a more unified user experience.




Tableau is a user-friendly BI solution that makes use of drag-and-drop functionality. It can connect to a wide range of data sources while still importing and visualizing data within a short period of time. The tool is popular for its collaboration features, such as the group analytics feature and ability to create, publish, and share dashboards with a variety of parties (including employees, partners, and clients). Tableau also comes with a native mobile app, making it easy for users to access important KPIs at any time and from anywhere.




Oracle BI is full of powerful features that includes mobile analytics, tackle reporting, data integration & management, and much more. As a platform, Oracle BI is superior to many other options in terms of its technical capabilities. The use of in-memory processing features result in advanced level memory usage, greater compression, faster sorting, and more, all of which speed up response times significantly. Oracle BI is also relatively user friendly and is capable of collecting valuable data from many other sources, including Excel spreadsheets and CSV applications.




QlikView is a mobile-friendly BI platform that uses associative data indexing that can analyze massive data sets, making it easier for users to identify hidden trends and patterns. QlikView boasts smart search and data discovery features that let you analyze data through interactions with charts and other data visualizations. Using QlikView, you can build custom dashboards, generate personalized reports, share valuable insights, and more.


Other Platform


Our business intelligence consultants can implement numerous other BI solutions in addition to those previously listed, including other highly rated BI software tools such as Sisense, Zoho Analytics, Hotjar, Yellowfin, and Looker, to name a few.


Completely Custom Solutions


Our team customizes every BI strategy and BI solution that we implement to suit the individual needs of each client we work with. No two businesses are alike, each with different needs and goals to be addressed. Even something as simple as a revenue report will differ greatly from one company to another and will need to be customized accordingly.

Our Services Help You Make Business Decisions

Although clients use our services to help develop effective BI strategies and to implement BI solutions that fit their needs, our main goal at Cyber Group is to provide business intelligence consulting that will enable your organization to have access to actionable insights that will improve your decision making and help you to achieve your specific business goals.

Gain an Edge By Turning Your Diverse Data into Actionable Insights

Leveraging all of your data into actionable insights will set you apart from your competition. Using our professional business intelligence consulting services at Cyber Group, you’ll be able to develop a BI strategy and implement a customized BI solution that will be fully integrated with your existing business environment and will meet your specific goals and needs.

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