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Collecting and analyzing data is vital to the growth of any business. Your data can help you track performance, identify new trends and opportunities, and pinpoint areas throughout your organization that are in need of improvement. However, data can be difficult to read and understand in its raw form. It’s why data visualization is so important.


Our data visualization consultants can help you identify what metrics are beneficial to your company and then visualize that data, turning it into actionable insights.  


Our Competencies Allow Better Decision-Making Capabilities

Our data visualization consultants are intimately familiar with the intricacies of all aspects of data analytics, so whatever your needs are, we can implement data visualization solutions that will improve your decision making capabilities throughout your organization. Here are some of the important data visualization competencies that we can help you with:

Our data visualization consulting team will perform thorough research into the needs of your company so that we can plan and design data visualizations in the form of dashboards and reporting that will meet those needs (whether they be company-wide needs or the needs of individual teams or departments) and that will be aligned with your business goals.

Our consultants will develop custom dashboards that display the most relevant and important metrics in an easy to read and understandable way. These metrics will be updated in real time. We can also design and develop dashboards that are customized to different users. For example, certain metrics will be more relevant to your marketing team than your sales team. We will provide consistent support for these dashboards as well in the event that you need to replace certain data visualizations or add new users over time. If you already have an existing dashboard, then we will perform a thorough audit to identify any issues that should be addressed or ways that it can be improved.

Whatever data visualization software you end up choosing, we can install it and make sure that it’s properly integrated with the rest of your systems and applications. Our data visualization developers will also make sure your software is upgraded when needed.

Data modeling is required to ensure that the data you’re collecting and analyzing is accurate and reliable. Data visualizations aren’t very helpful if the data being visualized is poor. Our consultants will evaluate where your data is coming from, how it’s being organized, how reliable the data is, and how actionable the information is. This allows us to perform data discovery, which is the process where data is prepared and then patterns and outliers are identified by either visually navigating the data or applying analytics.

Just because you’re generating charts and graphs doesn’t mean that your data is being reported to you in an effective manner. We will track the effectiveness of your data visualizations to make sure your users are actually able to obtain actionable insights from them.

As part of our data visualization services, we not only build dashboards but can also produce bulk charts and customized reports. In fact, we can automate reporting so that your custom reports are generated and distributed automatically at specific dates.

Our team understands how important it is to have remote access to important metrics while on the go. Our data visualization developers can provide your company with mobile solutions so that your team has easy access to data that they need whenever they need it.

Support & Maintenance

We will provide support and maintenance to your company in a number of ways. We will continually optimize the performance of your data visualization tools and continue developing your existing system. We can also help migrate from one analytical system to another if required. We will also provide training so that your employees are able to get the most out of your data visualization solution. 

Data Visualization Tools
We Work With

Here at Cyber Group, our data visualization consulting team has experience working with many of the top data visualization tools in the industry, including the following:

Microsoft offers extensive data visualization capabilities through its Power BI platform, which can be easily integrated with the Office 365 environment. Not only does Power BI provide a large number of inbuilt visualization styles to choose from, new ones are being created constantly by the AppSource community. The Developer Tools feature also allows visualization styles to be built from scratch to better tailor them to your needs.

Oracle’s data visualization tool makes use of a drag-and-drop function to automatically visualize data in the form of charts, graphs, and attributes. You can also change layouts to present new insights and craft visual data stories. Oracle emphasizes collaboration through a variety of features, such as the ability to add comments.

QlikView is a user-friendly data visualization platform that does not require technical knowledge to get its maximum benefit. Not only can it produce visualizations within minutes, but your users will be able to share them instantly since QlikView is compatible with practically any device. Security features provide you with control over which users have access to specific data visualizations as well.

Tableau is considered by many the best data visualization tool in the industry. While not quite as user-friendly for newer users, Tableau is better suited for big data operations that involve datasets that are large and constantly changing. It can also be integrated with a wide range of databases, including Amazon AWS, SAP, and MySQL.

Sisense not only offers some of the most powerful visualization tools you’ll find, but one of the most comprehensive BI platforms in general. Their dashboards are completely customizable and can be individualized to meet a variety of needs. Its visualization tool comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and can connect with a wide range of data sources, including Google Analytics and Amazon Redshift.

Zoho Reports offers a web-based interface so your users can access dashboards from anywhere online. It can also provide numerous visualizations within a short period of time, including summary views, fully interactive dashboards, and charts. You’ll be able to use Zoho Reports to create your own reports using the drag-and-drop interface.

Companies that want a self-service analytics and visualization solution should consider Domo. It has one of the largest number of data set connectors on the market and boasts a number of collaboration features, including messaging, notifications, and contextual data.

Intuitive and Accessible Information That Optimize Your Business Processes

Generating data visualizations that provide actionable insight to your organization will have a huge impact on your ability to optimize business processes. Let us help you implement a data visualization tool that’s customized to meet your company’s unique needs and that will help you achieve your business goals.

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