Successful business outcomes hinge on sound operational and strategic decisions being made consistently at every level of the company. Since decisions can only be as effective as background information is reliable and accessible, enterprises continually strive to facilitate the process of providing business-related data to decision-makers in a timely and accessible manner. Cyber Group helps enterprises reach their business intelligence goals by providing expert-level consulting and support services with the agility and cost efficiencies of AgileShoring™ for clients needing to economize on their BI initiatives while delivering within strict timeline constraints.



Cyber Group BI consultants have extensive experience with industry-leading business intelligence and analytics platforms, including Microsoft, Oracle, Qlik, Tableau, and others. Cyber Group BI consultants help customers:

Data Warehousing and Big Data Solutions

For companies that maintain historical business data in a data warehouse, Hadoop cluster, data lakes, or other strategic data store environments, we provide a range of services.

BI Assessment and Roadmap engagements that match company data warehousing goals to budget, timeline constraints, and infrastructure.

Master data management and data cleansing with custom-developed and 3rd party solutions.

Big Data Solutions including Hadoop and data lakes implementations.

Data warehouse design, development, and implementation services leveraging Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or other RDBMS.

Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Many enterprises are discovering the incremental value that can be derived from their business intelligence platforms by applying data science and advanced analytics tools and methods. Cyber Group has invested in the acquisition of expertise in these disciplines. Using data science and advanced analytics, Cyber Group helps clients:

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