Getting Close to the Customer

If you are interested in mapping your customer journey and expanding your touchpoints beyond your traditional channels, Cyber Group has the knowledge and experience to help you get there.

“Cyber Group is an extension of our team and has been working with us since 2012.”

Customer Journey Mapping

Many companies don’t realize the entire journey that a customer takes from awareness about your product and service and the loyalty phase after the sale.  We help you map the people, processes and technology along with the various departments that serve them.


Distributors can no longer rely on a single strategy to get to their clients like big-box retail or other distributors.  We help those companies explore all of the various ways to get to their customers.


The technical landscape is changing with mobile and social media.  The key is leveraging technology, whether it is eCommerce, mobile, marketplaces or direct.  We help you deploy the right technology for the right solution.