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“I'm very thankful to be a part of such a highly engaged team here at Cyber Group. They inspire me every day with their zeal to help our customers and help each other to grow.”

Saurajit Kanungo - president, Cyber Group

Saurajit Kanungo President

Saurajit is passionate about helping customers realize consistent value from their investments in technology.  He has a strong background in conducting technology strategy, business systems planning, software/vendor selection, solution architecture, and project/program management. Saurajit has program managed large scale multi-year, multi-million dollar digital transformation initiatives. He has also spearheaded multiple long-term business systems roadmap efforts.

Bhopi Dhall

Bhopi founded Cyber Group in 1998 and is a well-respected expert in the technology industry. Working with over 30 years of experience, including his time at Texas Instruments, he led technology product engineering and gained insight into how the technology marketplace functioned. He started Cyber Group as an engineering firm providing technology solutions to companies throughout a wide spectrum of industries.

Julianne Churches

Julianne Churches
CFO & Managing director

As CFO and Managing Director, Julianne is responsible for the overall operations and financial management of the company. She directs all administrative, financial, human resources, compliance, and management functions. Her 25 years of experience and expertise in the industry and 13 years at Cyber Group enable her to work closely with all departments to optimize efficiency across the entire firm. 

Rob Palacios
CINO & Executive Vice President

Rob Palacios has a 30+ year history of helping businesses leverage technology to gain rapid market share and build sustainable competitive advantage.  Rob has done this both as an executive as well as a consultant with several reputable organizations such as the National Security Agency, Arthur Andersen, Hitachi, and Texas Capital Bank.

Sankalp Shastri
CTO & Senior Vice President

Sankalp has over 15 years of technology consulting experience focused on solving business problems by leveraging technology. Sankalp is responsible for over half a dozen strategic customers and a team of over 50 employees. “Once a developer, always a developer.” He is passionate about technology, application development and application management (development, modernization, and managed services). He has always been a believer of, “If you think it’s worth doing, do it right the first time.”

Robb Flint
Senior Vice President

Robb is an executive with over 20 years of leadership experience in management consulting, business development, strategic business planning, and large business sales. His entrepreneurial spirit and creativity helps customers problem-solve and find practical business solutions for big picture and day-to-day concerns. He has led multiple large-scale projects at Cyber Group involving application development, Salesforce implementations, ERP selection and data migration, data analytics, and production support.

Jonathan Goldstein
Senior Vice president

Jonathan has over 20 years of experience as a PMP and CSM delivery executive.  He has focused his career on managing multiple business and technology transformation initiatives, building Project Management Offices, and leading organizational change through process optimization.  He offers a blend of technical and business knowledge that enables him to be an advisor on initiatives of varying sizes, budget levels, and business impact.  He blogs frequently about his lessons learned along his professional journey on his LinkedIn profile.

Azkar Choudhry
Vice president

A commercially astute technology executive with a record of directing and delivering “digital-enabled business transformation” initiatives, Azkar brings over 24 years of experience in building and directing diverse, multinational, top-performing teams; providing increased value to organizations by aligning IT and Operations with corporate culture and initiatives to achieve first-mover advantage in highly competitive markets.  He brings a wealth of experience in technology consulting and advisory as well as deep experience delivering a variety of services to retail energy firms. 

Azkar Choudhry
Allen Baumbach Shot

Allen Baumbach

Allen has over 25 years of experience in technology including software development, program management, and strategic innovation. He has led large initiatives across a broad spectrum of clients including state & federal government, transportation & logistics, financial services, and retail. He has in depth experience in solving complex business problems while taking advantage of new opportunities to achieve a client’s strategic goals and objectives.

Bill Wachel

Bill loves to solve tough business challenges, leveraging process changes and technology.  He works with clients to better define strategic business problems and create a path to success. Bill brings a depth of experience and knowledge gained from work as both a CIO and consultant.  He has partnered with peer executives and overall organizational staff to enhance customer experiences, tap new markets, and increase revenues in software as a service, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, and other industries.

Jeff Abernathy

As an experienced consultant, Jeff brings over 30 years of business experience in helping companies grow while managing their bottom line.  Jeff has a track record and passion for teaming with CEOs and other leaders to achieve their vision. He has a demonstrated history of delivering results in both large and small companies. He is a strategically focused leader with significant management consulting, information technology, operations, human resources, marketing, compliance, and financial management experiences.  

Jeff Beier

Jeff brings over 20 years of experience in helping companies grow while managing the bottom line.  He is a senior technology leader with a proven record of delivering excellent operating results.  Jeff thinks cross-functionally while applying expertise gained from small businesses to large global enterprises in marketing, wholesale, retail, healthcare, product and e-Commerce environments. He is passionate about delivering business value and quality customer experiences and has a keen ability to create strong partnerships with global stakeholders at all levels. 

Justin Wilson

Justin has over 15 years of experience leading digital transformation and customer engagement within the events, experiential marketing, and financial services industries. His experience ranges from event technology to data platforms, payment solutions to enterprise collaboration systems, and customer portals. Justin is passionate about the customer journey and product ideation, emphasizing a “Voice of Customer” approach, delivering customer-focused technology solutions and strategies that streamline processes and drive business growth.


Lisa Jordan

Lisa has over 30 years of experience working with technology as a product manager, purchaser, project manager, and advisor. She fills the space between business and technology and has played this role in dozens of multi-year, international, custom development and package integration projects. She believes processes are a great tool for organizing technology initiatives. She has trained and coached IT department resources in process documentation, design, and improvement. Lisa is an advocate for women in technology and is an active participant in DFW ATW and Ellevate Network.

Mike Reeves

Mike has over 20 years of experience in application delivery and has been working on the Salesforce platform for more than 8 years. He has led projects involving the stand-up of several Salesforce orgs, including custom integrations with websites, SAP and multiple third-party applications. Mike has served as Salesforce ”product owner” with multiple companies, supporting orgs with more than 1,400 users and he currently manages Cyber Group’s Salesforce consulting practice. He is a Certified Salesforce Administrator, ServiceCloud Consultant and Field Service Lightning Consultant.

Mrugank Dalal

Mrugank brings over 12 years of software technology consulting experience to the table. He has exceptionally governed long-term projects from the Pawn industry to the Precious Metals Trading & Home Security industries. He excels in marketing technologies & provides automation solutions for customer retention, acquisition, digital communication, customer satisfaction & social media marketing. He holds his Salesforce Pardot Specialist Certification & has nailed down the smart-shoring model of round-the-clock team collaboration. He is a Rabbit & not a Lion and believes in running for life, not for lunch. 

Pooja Arya

Pooja has an excellent record of success in helping enterprise customers with analyzing, executing, and streamlining DevOps practices. This involves not only helping them make the cultural shift but also automating their processes with the right tools making “DevOps a way to look forward”. She is a certified Salesforce Administrator and a certified Salesforce Platform developer.

Pratik Malviya

Pratik has over 13 years of technology experience. He has a background in planning and managing cross-functional projects. He is skilled at group facilitation and enjoys forging consensus among people with diverging ideas and opinions. Pratik has managed a broad array of projects in industries ranging from financial services, retail, and energy to direct selling. As he has worked on Cyber Group’s India and US teams, he has the advantage of understanding both worlds which helps him manage global delivery teams.

Pratik Malviya
Purusottam Kaushik

Purusottam Kaushik

Kaushik has been with Cyber Group for the last 20 years. As an experienced team lead, he has worked on a wide range of technology solutions like Microsoft, Java, PHP, and Salesforce. He has experience in managing both product and project-oriented customers. Kaushik has worked on various domains such as retail asset management, healthcare supply change management, and retail energy. He currently works as a Salesforce Certified Application Architect and is responsible for delivering projects in a timely and efficient manner.

Rahul Arora

Rahul is a technology consultant with over 15 years of experience in application design and development. He specializes in application integration and is passionate about solving business problems. He is a big advocate of workflow automation and has rearchitected multiple legacy applications to help businesses to grow. He has an excellent track record of delivering quality solutions and managing global development teams. Rahul is a certified AWS architect and is currently helping our clients with their cloud migration strategy and implementation.

Rahul (16 of 30)

Sebastian Labrador

Sebastian specializes in technology architecture and evangelism. He brings 12 years of experience in building high-performance teams who can deliver on infrastructure, applications, and business solutions. Sebastian has successfully built a Site Reliability Engineering practice, directed agile development teams, and architected a new CMS solution using off-the-shelf products as well as custom applications. You have our permission to use Sebastian on workshopping, brainstorming and whiteboarding with your team to garner new insights and disambiguate complexity.