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Julianne Churches
VP of Finance
As VP of Finance, Julianne is responsible for overall operations and financial management of the company. She directs all administrative, financial, human resource, compliance, and management functions. Her experience and expertise enable her to work closely with all departments to optimize efficiency across the whole firm.

With 21 years in the industry, Julianne’s experience combines business analysis with overall global operations management. Prior to Cyber Group, she served in similar positions. Through a variety of senior executive positions, Julianne has vast experience in managing multi-shore operations with US based companies around the world.
Sankalp Shastri
Vice President
Sankalp has over 12 years of technology consulting experience focused on solving business problems by leveraging technology. Sankalp typically helps Cyber Group customers all three phases (Ideation, Strategy Development and Execution) of a business problem.     

As a customer center leader at Cyber Group, Sankalp is responsible for over half a dozen strategic customers and a team of over 50 employees at Cyber Group. “Once a developer, always a developer”, Sankalp is passionate about technology and application development which resonates well with our customer technology teams and customer business executives. He has always been a believer of, “If you think it’s worth doing, do it right the first time.”   

Sankalp is particularly passionate about application management (development, modernization and managed services) in the retail domain.   

Sankalp’s favorite past time is, playing with his two kids, watching movies with his wife and work on any DIY (Do It Yourself) project at his home.
Robb Flint
Vice President
Robb is a VP at Cyber Group. As a VP of the company, Robb leads a customer center involving half a dozen strategic customers and a team of over 30 employees. Robb is an accomplished, versatile, entrepreneurial executive with sixteen years of leadership and experience in management consulting, business development, strategic business planning, and large business sales. Robb has a strong technology background involving multiple industry verticals including a strong M&A background with companies like AT&T.

Bhopi Dhall
Founding Cyber Group in 1998, Bhopi Dhall is a well-respected and foremost expert in the technology industry. Working with over 30 years of experience, including his time at Texas Instruments, he lead technology product engineering, he gained insight into how the technology marketplace functioned. Using this understanding together with his experience he founded Cyber Group as an engineering firm providing technology solutions to companies throughout a wide spectrum of industries.

Bhopi completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, India as well as completing his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. Additionally, Bhopi has completed all the eligible coursework for his Ph. D in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin.
Saurajit Kanungo
With over 20 years of technology consulting experience focused on the intersection of business and technology, Saurajit's specialties range from application development and integration to technology planning. His experience partnering with mid- to large-size companies spans numerous industry verticals including retail, energy, direct sales and insurance.

Saurajit is passionate about helping enterprises attract, serve and retain customers by leveraging cloud, mobile and analytics technology platforms. His ability to help clients, grow talent and implement innovative customer solutions has enabled many of them to evolve from small service companies into esteemed, award-winning firms.

Saurajit has Bachelors in Physics and a MBA in Information Systems, as well as a CPA from The Institutre of Chartered Accountants of India. With his spare time, Saurajit enjoys playing golf and tennis, hiking and spending time with his wife and three sons.

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