Lightning Migration

Say Goodbye to Classic

Sooner or later, Salesforce will stop supporting Salesforce Classic.  In fact, Salesforce has not provided any new updates, enhancements, or features to Salesforce Classic since 2015.  If you plan to grow your business, you need to leverage productivity features and improvements.  All innovation takes place in Salesforce Lightning.

“The migration to lightning was easier than I thought it would be thanks to the way you managed the project.”

IT Director

Sales Automation

Salesforce Lightning redefines the sales process with “Sales Path” and “ Kanban View.”  Sales Path shows all the opportunities in the sales pipeline with the recommended steps you should take making decisions faster and accurate.  Kanban view gives your sales reps a simplified view of the opportunities in the pipeline, which can be updated via a drag and drop interface.   


Salesforce Einstein is a mainstay in Salesforce Lightning and is an artificial intelligence powered by deep machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing.  We can include Lightning components on a Lightning page to display Einstein’s predictive analytics so that decisions can be made more effectively.


Stay informed on the recent news of your prospects and customers.  Our consultants can include “news and insights” into your application, which crawls the web for potentially important details keeping your sales team informed on updates.