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News & Events

We have moved the entire marketing efforts of the company online.  Expect to read about panel events, technology events, community outreach, and deep content on technology and the world we live in.

Upcoming Events

Value of IT investments panel webinar
thursday, may 20 | 5pm cst

Save this date for our next executive panel discussion!

past Events

Bits & Bytes
Beyond the Backlog

 Last year’s update to the Scrum Guide gave more visibility to the Product Owner role.  We talked about these changes as well as how other frameworks describe this role, focusing on expanding our thinking beyond the backlog to improve delivery and team performance while striving to satisfy the customer. Review the recording with Lisa and Sebastian for real-world examples of how to work beyond the backlog.

MarTech 101 panel webinar

 There has been an explosion of marketing tools to help companies connect with their customers.  In many ways, this revolution is predicated on understanding where your customer is, what she wants and via what channel she wants to buy.  Our panel of experts discussed a variety of MarTech tools and methods during this time. Review the recording and key insights from this session through the link below. 

Growing Technology Leaders The Cyber Way Panel Webinar

 On Thursday, March 25th, ten members of the Cyber Group team joined this virtual panel to share their experience with the Cyber Way of growing and developing technology leaders. We shared about Cyber Group’s Culture, Community, Flexibility, and pathway to Growth. John Humphrey, CRO & EVP of Cyber Group moderated this session.

Developing Customer Intimacy in a Direct to Consumer Model

In this month’s panel event, we took a look at three stalwarts of the U.S. economy – home improvement, insurance, and automobiles – and explored how these businesses are fundamentally changing and how they are overcoming the challenges before them.

Bits & Bytes
Unfold API Testing

Many organizations have adopted modern architecture such as microservices. APIs are an omnipresent component in every application with this type of architecture. Our speakers, Irfan Shaikh and Santosh Katkam unfolded how organizations can best leverage API testing in a Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment environment to maximize ROI.

Empower Service Agents By Easily Integrating Data into Salesforce
Tuesday, January 12th

We were excited to start the new year by partnering with our friends at Salesforce for a webinar discussing how Salesforce Connect + Heroku can help your organization. Be sure to check out the recording of this event on our Ignite website.

Bits & Bytes
Thursday, December 10th

End-to-end testing has grown from heavy, time-consuming Selenium WebDriver framework to lightweight, fast, and modern test framework, such as, transforming the way test cases are written, run, and recorded. During this webinar, two developers are going to show you how implementing a modern, automated, end to end testing framework in your organization can save you time and improve your bottom line.

online panel discussion
Thursday, november 19

As we adjust to the long-term implications of COVID, businesses are addressing what the concept of an “office” really means for them.

Our panel of thought leaders discussed rethinking workspace, team engagement, and the shift of power to the knowledge worker. Be sure to check out the recording from this event as well as our key insight summary!

what about a career in stem? panel for students
thursday, september 10

In a recent breakout session for DFW*ATW’s Executive Leadership Forum, John Humphrey moderated a discussion for young people considering their future career paths. The discussion focused on the opportunities in the science and technology industries.

Our panelists were:

  • Nicole Fontayne-Bardowell | DART
  • Amy Stevens | Topgolf

giving back panel event
wednesday, september 9

In our Giving Back to the Community panel webinar, John Humphrey hosted a panel discussion with industry leaders about the importance of giving back to local nonprofits.

Our panelists were:

  • Sarah Beeks Humphrey | Director of Charitable Giving, Collin County| Communities Foundation of Texas
  • Erica Yaeger | Chief External Affairs Officer | North Texas Food Bank
  • Marilyn Kibler-Colon | President | DFW Alliance of Technology and Women