Org Migration

Don’t Worry About Your Org

Whether you are upgrading to a new system or replacing Platform software with Sales Cloud, don’t worry about migrating your org.  Our consultants have migrated Orgs from and to many versions of Salesforce.

“In every aspect, what we have seen and what y’all are doing is truly impressive. We have seen this go from initial concept to seeing it all work together. We are very satisfied with what you guys are doing.”

IT Director

Migrating to a Greenfield

Often, companies get started with Salesforce through a Platform or App Exchange solution that has a defined org to it.  As they evolve, they want to migrate that Org to a new Salesforce solution.  The Org is the brains.  Worry not!


Shrinking the technical footprint so that support can become streamlined makes business more efficient.  Our consultants will configure a single Org to accommodate multiple business processes.


Salesforce Orgs that are inherited through acquisitions typically become stale and unmanaged.  Continuing to support separate Orgs while combining business creates additional complexity and the need for additional support.  We have the ability to encompass your vision into a  supporting tool reflecting your paths to success.