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Our Experts Are Your Trusted Advisors

Cyber Group is the partner that works with you side-by-side at every turn. We help companies grow in unison with the ever-changing marketplace by implementing Salesforce solutions with fast entry-to-market results. With our company’s proven veteran leadership and exceptional employee retention rate, clients can be sure they are guided by only the most experienced advisors.

“Cyber Group defines what true partnership is by going consistently above and beyond."


We invest in our communities not just because it is the right thing to do, but because we have a passion for giving back.  You will find Cyber Groupers engaged wherever they live, trying to leave the world a little bit better for having been there.

Our culture is rooted in our values – Excellence, Integrity, and Value.  These words permeate everything we do, from delivering for our clients, helping out a colleague, or being involved in helping in the community.  We fundamentally believe givers are happier and more successful.

At Cyber Group, our mission is partly to grow leaders.  Each member of our leadership team has demonstrated meeting the standards of our internal expectations framework, which addresses our effectiveness, delivery, leadership and growth, and profitability at each level in their career.

We’re growing.  Consulting is a challenging but rewarding career, so if you’re looking forward to working with great people on outstanding projects, send us an email!

We may be virtual, but we are here!