Cyber Group’s culture is built on a set of core values which are deeply rooted in our DNA and are pervasive in everything we do for our clients, colleagues, and the communities in which we serve.

We strive to deliver the best. We make a customer, not a sale. Our consultants don’t leave until it’s done right. We know it's not about technology, it's about business.
We believe in constantly delivering value to clients, helping grow our colleagues & investing in the community where we live and serve.
We believe that truth builds trust. We will do what is right, not what is easy. Our team knows that what we do matters more than what we say.


Our values are the foundation that our company is built on and that our team lives by. We strive to set an example of Excellence, Integrity, & Value for the community around us. Our culture is about giving back to our local community and creating value for our clients and colleagues.

Our Story

Cyber Group is a 20+ year old company committed to servicing our clients with their best interests in mind. With offices in Dallas, Houston and India, employing over 235 people worldwide, we have the global resources to take on even the most complex projects. At Cyber Group, our experts become your trusted advisors. Our company’s proven leadership and exceptional employee retention rate means clients are always guided by experienced advisors.


Cyber Group makes a concerted effort to work, play, and live in the same community. We believe that impact happens in communities when the local citizens step up to make a difference. Whether in Dallas, Texas or Delhi, India, our team desires to give back locally and strives to create a positive impact in the community around us.

Our Delivery

Cyber Group strives to always deliver on the promise of quality software development, at a reasonable cost in a timely manner.  These three things are delivered when we put local leaders on site at our clients location and supplement those teams with individuals from our overseas office.  This allows an extended day, a lower blended rate than most of our clients internal cost and face to face presence in the local community.

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