Our Industries

Our Industry Focus

While we have a depth of knowledge in the industries below, the twist to our focus is companies that are trying to get closer to their customers.  They want a more direct and intimate relationship with their customers.  The customer journey matters to them!

“Cyber helped us with the mapping of our customer’s journey from awareness to loyalty and the results far exceeded our expectations.’


For distribution companies and select manufacturers, traditional channels are not working, particularly during the pandemic.  These companies are not abandoning their existing channels; they are expanding them to be close to their ultimate customer.

The financial services industry is under pressure from non-bank financial services companies, software start-ups and new entrants.  We help banks understand their customer and look for ways to create stickiness so that they can earn a larger share of wallet from their customers.

The global pandemic radically transformed retailers.  The store is under attack.  Non-traditional retailers like Amazon are taking market share and companies like Walmart, Home Depot and others are beginning to transform.  We work with retailers who are transforming their businesses and doing so in an omni channel manner.

We have a specific focus in the retail energy or utilities space.  We don’t work with the producers of electricity but rather those retail energy clients that offer services directly to the consumer.  If you are a rapidly growing retail energy company, we understand how to onboard those clients faster and enable your growth.

Our services focus follows the same theme of getting directly to the customer but also includes healthcare, software and services companies where technology is the main differentiator in the marketplace.  Our development methodology, testing, deployment and managed services help these companies accelerate in their respective niches.