Our Stories

Excellence – Integrity - Value

Our story begins with our values.  Excellence reminds us to give our very best effort every time.  Integrity reminds us that truth builds trust, and we need to speak directly.  Value reminds us to deliver exceptional solutions at reasonable prices.

“Reading the stories about what you all have accomplished over the last 10 years was proof that you are doing what you say you are doing.”


Our “Value Engine” is possible because we deliver a blended team of onsite resources (or U.S. virtual today) and couple that with a team of consultants from our location in Delhi, India.  With a blended team, our cost to deliver is often below your internal cost.

We have moved the entire marketing efforts of the company online.  Expect to read about panel events, technology events, community outreach, and deep content on technology and the world we live in.

Cyber Groupers are dedicated to giving away their knowledge through writing white papers and blogs.  Keep our links close as you will see new content on a weekly basis. We are knowledge workers after all!

Expect our website to offer proof that we are who we say we are and that our clients are raving fans.  The proof in client stories illustrates the complexity of many of our projects, coupled with the results we achieved for our clients.