Phase Zero Consulting™

Thousands of companies have invested millions of dollars in technology projects, only to find that their shiny new technology didn’t solve their problem after all. About 70 percent to 75 percent of technology projects fail to meet their objectives. How can you be sure that the solution you choose will really be worth your investment?

No matter how much money you throw at technology, if it’s not the right solution it’s destined to fail. This is why we believe that solving problems doesn’t start with technology.

Phase Zero Starts by
Putting Your Business First

Phase Zero Consulting™ puts our best minds to work on finding the best approach to resolve your pressing business challenges. We don’t walk in the door with a cookie-cutter solution in hand, and we don’t ask for a set of requirement documents to work from. Instead, we walk in with a problem-solving mindset. We leverage our experience and our determination to make sure you get the optimal return on your technology investment.

We work with your executives to understand your business strategy, processes, and barriers. We combine our hands-on technology experience with an in-depth understanding of your vision, goals and underlying risks. Then, we use this big picture knowledge to define your problem and build project requirements to address it. We then deliver a plan that nails down costs, risks, and timelines.

Strategic planning now leads to fast entry-to-market results without setbacks.

Serverless Mindset

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If you’re ready to zero in on a technology plan that’s really worth the investment, contact us to learn more. Get it Right the First Time.