Production Support And QA For​
Enterprise’s Growth And Success​

When companies build software programs and apps, it is particularly important that they test their products to ensure that they function properly. These products may also expand in functionality over the future, which means regular maintenance must be performed. As one can imagine, any failure in function or performance can greatly affect the relationships that an organization has with its customers, thereby hindering its ability to grow. In order to support the growth and success of an enterprise, we offer extensive production and quality assurance (QA) support services. Our production and QA solutions enable our clients to continue expanding their business and to take it to the next level.

We Optimize Your Apps and Software to Run Well
in the Real World

Just because an app or software program has been designed to provide a specific functionality doesn’t mean that it will actually perform as intended in the real world. We are expert at optimizing apps and software to ensure that they are user-friendly and that they will run as intended for customers in real-world situations.

Our Customized Solutions To Help You Scale

Software applications can become quickly outdated as technology improves and customer needs change. It’s why the ability to scale is so important. Here at Cyber Group, we offer several customized software solutions to ensure that our clients’ software will be capable of meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

Software testing is an important part of quality assurance. As part of our software testing service, our production support analysts will perform thorough software testing to evaluate how user-friendly it is, how secure it is, and how functional it is. Regular software testing will help ensure that the client’s software or app is able to run correctly and will allow us to identify any issues the software may have.

Following the completion of a software product, regular software maintenance will help ensure that it retains its quality. Although software maintenance does involve the modification of the software to correct any defects, the majority of software maintenance involves non-corrective actions to improve the software. These actions include modifying the software to deal with changes in the software environment, implementing functional enhancements, and improving the reliability of the software to prevent future defects.

Quality assurance is the process of ensuring that our client’s software or app will function correctly by preventing potential defects and making sure that the processes being used by the client’s development team to manage and create deliverables is working. In addition to simply identifying defects in the software, our engineers will also identify the process that allowed those defects to happen. Defects can be expensive to fix, which is why quality assurance is so important.

Technical debt can be incurred as a result of bad coding practices or coding shortcuts taken as a result of budget limitations or deadline requirements. It can be incurred both on purpose and on accident as well as over time as a result of evolving technology. If technical debt isn’t maintained, it will only accumulate, resulting in numerous potential issues in the future, such as making it difficult to add functionality and causing performance issues that can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Your Systems And Applications Should Be
Running Smoothly

Our production support services will ensure that the systems and applications in use by our clients are running smoothly. The following are a few examples of how we will achieve this:

A cohesive infrastructure helps eliminate potential bottlenecks that can occur in software development by improving access to data analytics and by enabling better collaboration between developers and stakeholders as well as other departments within your organization. We can help our clients build and maintain a cohesive infrastructure by making sure that all of their systems are properly integrated.

By identifying functionality issues, preventing defects, and performing routine maintenance once the software product has launched, our production support services can help to improve the efficiency and productivity of a company’s development team since they will be able to focus on building the actual app and adding functionality.

When it comes to quality assurance, we recommend the use of both manual testing and automated testing. We work with our clients to define clear goals and achievable milestones in order to build useful automated tests. We focus on building test cases for automation (such as smoke tests, regression automation, and functional automation)using value-based methodology. However, not all tests should be automated. We recommend manual testing for quality assurance when it comes to newly added functionality and usability testing.

For systems and applications to be truly effective, we believe that a company’s business processes must be aligned with their business strategy. By understanding the strategy of each client, we can help identify more effective solutions and build new processes that will work together towards meeting the goals and visions outlined in that strategy.

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Effective Post Production Support and Quality Assurance Is Life or Death Online

Once a software product has been developed, it’s essential that it’s tested for QA and that routine maintenance is performed over its lifespan to ensure that the product retains its functionality and that it performs at its optimal level. Here at Cyber Group, our production support team can provide the post production support that our clients need to prevent inefficiencies from hurting their bottom line.

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