Application Maintenance
And Support

Considering how much your business depends on its software, the maintenance and support of your software and applications should be a top priority. Keeping your apps functional, up-to-date, and secure is critical. An inability to do this can result in a variety of potential problems, including disruptions in your organization’s day-to-day business, poor customer experience, security issues, legal issues, and more.

Here at Cyber Group, our team of software engineers and consultants can provide your company with the application maintenance and support that it needs.

We Know Your Application System
Better Than Anyone

Our software engineers and consultants have the expertise and experience required to ensure that your applications are running properly and efficiently. With the help of our comprehensive application maintenance and support services, we will help streamline your business processes, improve your productivity, and reduce the costs associated with using outdated apps or apps that aren’t performing as intended.  Often, software developers do not provide maintenance and support, but we do. This means Cyber Group can provide service across the entire software development life-cycle, and then support those applications when completed.

If you need to move an existing application from one environment to another, we can assist with the migration process. Migration is often a complex process since the new environment may be a lot different than your existing environment. And most apps aren’t designed to be portable — apps are typically only designed to run on the platforms that they were developed on.

Server Architecture

We can migrate apps from one server to another no matter how different the environment is. For example, we can help migrate your apps from an on-premise server to a cloud platform, or from one cloud platform to another.

Post Migration Support

Following the migration of your app, our software engineers will provide continued support to ensure that your app has retained all of its original functionality and to address any issues that may surface as a result of the migration.

By integrating your applications, you will be able to share processes and business data among various apps throughout your organization. Allowing us to integrate your applications will greatly improve communication throughout your departments and increase productivity and efficiency. You’ll also be able to collect more accurate data from all of your data sources, allowing for a more effective data analysis strategy.

Data Transformation

The data that is collected by your apps is often stored in different formats. We can perform data transformation by converting all of your data into a single format or structure so that you can perform a more accurate analysis of it.

Database and Workflow Integration

We will set up an integration database to act as a data store for your applications. Doing so will allow you to integrate data from across your applications and help improve the efficiency of your workflows.

Our software engineers have extensive knowledge concerning all business-related applications and will be able to provide ongoing support for all of your apps. If anyone in your organization is having issues, our team will be able to troubleshoot the problem and find a solution.

If new apps are released that you want to implement into your business processes, we can help integrate it with your existing systems and applications. We will also make sure to upgrade existing apps whenever possible so that your company can get the most out of new functionality and features (as well as to ensure that your software remains secure).

When you install and use software, you need to obtain a license to do so. A software license provides guidelines for how it can be used and distributed that are legally binding. There may be some restrictions to how your software can be used. If you violate the terms of your license, you will be held legally accountable and could be fined a significant amount of money. Because of this, software compliance is very important.

We will ensure that you remain compliant by performing a comprehensive inventory of the apps you have installed on your network and by determining which of those apps you are legally entitled to use and whether or not you’re abiding by the guidelines of the license. This will allow us to address any licensing issues that we find and help you to avoid audit fines.

Software management is a process that involves the entire life-cycle of a software application. This includes the purchasing, deploying, maintaining, utilizing, and the disposing of apps. Our effective software management services can help reduce IT costs, improve end-user productivity, and limit legal risks.

Re-Engineer Your Legacy Applications In Changing Environments

Companies who have existed for some time may have legacy applications, which are software apps that are currently considered obsolete or that are based on outdated technology. Fortunately, our team can use various tools and processes to re-engineer your legacy applications, reaping you the following benefits:

Organizations spend a significant amount of money maintaining their legacy systems. In fact, it’s estimated that banks and insurance companies spend roughly 75 percent of their IT budget on maintaining existing legacy systems. Unfortunately, upgrading to new software is often not possible because their day-to-day operations depend on their legacy systems.

The reason why maintenance is so expensive is because small updates can cause issues elsewhere that will need to be addressed. Legacy apps often require specific technical environments that include the hardware they run on. This means that infrastructure maintenance is another factor in the costs of maintaining legacy systems. By re-engineering your legacy apps, they will become much easier and cost effective to maintain since fewer technical issues will pop up.

Legacy systems are more likely to pose a security risk to your business than other apps. This is because legacy apps are simply more vulnerable to things like cyber attacks, malware, and viruses. When a software has been around long enough, it gives cybercriminals the opportunity to find its vulnerabilities and to figure out a way to attack them. Additionally, many legacy apps are no longer supported by their original vendors. This means they cannot be updated with security patches should any new vulnerabilities be found.

Because of the outdated source code that legacy apps often have, it’s incredibly difficult to innovate the apps, much less maintain them. Adding functionality or new features is out of the question. Re-engineering legacy apps will allow you to improve them as well.

Legacy apps cannot be integrated with newer software and systems. By re-engineering your legacy apps, you’ll be able to integrate them into your existing environment, and improve the overall efficiency of your business processes.

Our Support Team Lets You
Focus On Your Core Business

Let Cyber Group provide your organization with the application and maintenance support that you need to ensure that you can depend on your software systems. By outsourcing your software asset management, you can focus your time and effort on your core business.

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