Resolving Technical Debt With
Agile Consulting Solutions

There’s a lot of pressure to finish on time and within budget when developing new software applications. This often results in shortcuts being taken within the code. These shortcuts can cause issues that will need to be addressed later. When this happens, it’s known as taking on technical debt. It’s called technical debt because it works in the same way as financial debt — the longer it goes unaddressed, the bigger (and more costly) a problem it will become.

One way to help eliminate the long-term consequences of accruing technical debt is by implementing an agile methodology. An agile methodology fosters a more collaborative effort and encourages adaptive planning, continually evolving development and improvement, and early delivery. It’s an iterative approach that requires constant modification and improvement, whereas with the traditional waterfall approach, once the application is in the hands of the user, the product is considered finished.

The reason an agile approach works better to eliminate technical debt is because it requires a consistent level of high quality throughout the development process. A basic version of the app can be shipped before all of its features are added — but in order to provide basic functionality, the quality must be high. You can then continue to add features to that app — but before each feature is implemented, it must meet a high standard of quality. Essentially, preventing technical debt is a part of the process and it’s what allows the continuous development of an app to be agile in the first place.

Here at Cyber Group, our agile consulting services can guide your organization to resolve it’s technical debt and improve its software development capabilities by helping your company implement an agile methodology.

Our Robust Initiatives
And Strategies

Our team of consultants are extremely familiar with the ins and outs of the agile methodology. We can help to implement various agile initiatives and strategies that will help you avoid the buildup of potentially problematic technical debt. Some of the agile consulting services that we offer here at Cyber Group are listed below:

Agile software development is all about flexibility and seamlessly adapting to changing needs and requirements. The challenge lying in the traditional method of software development is that once a product launches, it can be difficult to make modifications or add features in the future as a result of any technical debt that you have accrued. Because agile software development is an iterative process, you will deliver a working product that isn’t finished yet. You will then regularly add features and functionality over time, so it’s best not to take on significant technical debt in the first place. Our agile consulting team can help you to successfully switch from more traditional development models to an agile software development model.

We can help to implement an agile methodology that focuses on customer collaboration and interactions, the ability to respond to changing requirements, and on building working software without taking on significant technical debt. Our consultants work closely with our clients to implement an effective agile methodology strategy and to help your organization embrace the change required in mindset and in its processes.

Agile project management is an iterative and incremental approach. This means that work is produced and delivered in short sprints for a specific amount of time instead of the traditional method of delivering a project completely finished by a single deadline. When a single deadline is used, the completed project may have problems that will be expensive to fix. Multiple deadlines over the course of a lifecycle helps eliminate mistakes and reduce problems that can have long-term consequences.

Agile project management requires trust, flexibility, collaboration, and empowerment across your team to deliver requirements throughout the life cycle of a project. Our consultants can help implement an agile methodology for any major project.

One of the biggest challenges in implementing the agile methodology is the fact that businesses don’t always have the right processes in place to enable rapid deployment. Rapid deployment is one of the benefits of agile software development; however, you need to implement the proper testing and automation to ensure it’s executed effectively. Moving too fast can result in a variety of issues, including a poor user experience, errors, and downtime. We can help make sure the right agile production processes are put into place to enable rapid and successful deployment.

The agile methodology is a lot different than traditional software development and project management strategies. It requires a change in mindset that can be difficult to adjust to. We can help your organization adopt and improve agile methods and practices as well as provide the tools needed for agile software development. Our consultants will also provide training on how to use these tools and along with continuous support as you implement the agile methodology.

Certified Scrum Masters and
Agile Practitioners

Scrum is an agile process framework focusing on software development. The Scrum framework is designed for smaller teams (ten or fewer) that need to break their work into goals that can be completed in sprints. Our consultants at Cyber Group are Certified Scrum Masters as well as agile practitioners, which means that we can help your organization implement the Scrum framework so that you can begin developing successful agile software and projects.

Creating Problem Solving
Solutions With Agile

Implementing an agile methodology can go a long way towards improving your ability to create new software and manage new projects. As a result of the agile methodology, you’ll have more control over your projects, significantly reduce technical debt (and greatly improve the quality of your products), reduce the risk of project failure, get your products into the hands of your customers faster, and substantially improve customer satisfaction. At Cyber Group, we provide the agile consulting services you’ll need to effectively implement an agile methodology that will help you meet your organization’s business goals and needs.

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