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Heroku Migration

Needing better access controls, team management, and isolated networks, our client asked Cyber Group to migrate their 75 apps from a personal account to an Enterprise tenant. If we didn’t provide a solution for our client, they would face an increased risk in security as it has become increasingly difficult for them to manage access […]

Data Analytics and Reporting Engine Development

Our client, an energy retailer, was working with close to twenty different markets, and they had five different billing engines for these twenty markets. They asked us to create one centralized data repository, which entailed building a data integration architecture across all five of these different billing engines and turning that into a data warehouse. […]

QA Automation Solution

When integrating security with a new business product, adding automation to the mix can greatly help an enterprise solve its critical issues while saving on overhead, time, and money.

Customer Information Systems Consolidation

Ultimately, the most important aspect of running a business is acquiring and managing customers. Customers drive everything from application development, ERP systems, and other business IT assets that all need to be optimized and integrated to streamline operations. This often includes technology such as Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, and Javascript Development.
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