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Customer Information System Roadmap

Creating a roadmap – and implementing that strategic plan – is a critical but challenging set of tasks for a business to undertake. The experts at Cyber Group can help with the management, application development, and implementation of workflows associated with this endeavor while reducing overhead and saving time and money.

Salesforce Loyalty Program

Cyber Group was able to execute the critical integration, customization procedures, and workflows in a manner that allowed the client to stay focused and continue to scale the business while also saving substantial capital and resources.

Product and Rate Automation

Workflow automation, when associated with data analytics, has the potential to radically change the way you do business, in offering quicker, more efficient and effective data sets that can give executives a quick glance into critical information that can be used to make key decisions. When operating in an enterprise that requires quick and efficient […]

Mobile Progressive Web App. (PWA)

We introduced the whole list of benefits of PWA in lieu of a native app. In 16 weeks we had developed a PWA, which pretty much replaced the IOS app and all of the different flavors of the Android app.

Mobile App Dev, IOS and Android

Developing an application – whether it is an iOS, Android, mobile, or web application – is one of the most critical ventures that a business can undertake. It can open up new doors of opportunity while giving your business an edge over the competition.
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