Salesforce AppExchange

Leverage the Platform

If you are looking to extend the functionality of your current Salesforce solution, you should always check the App Exchange.  Developers from all over the world post very rich applications so you won’t need to start over.

“We are committed to becoming a force to reckon with in the Salesforce partner ecosystem. As a part of that commitment, we will continue to publish free apps in the app exchange for users to leverage.”

Saurajit Kanungo - President, Cyber Group

Broad and Wide

With our experience with the Salesforce Platform and the depth of experience we have in integrating 3rd party applications, you can find solutions that already work and we’ll connect them to your Salesforce solutions.


The human imagination is amazing as there are some very focused solutions on the App Exchange that address narrow problems.  We can help you navigate the weeds.


So many companies are more interconnected than ever before.  You might want to sell an application to organizations in your value chain.  It might make economic sense for you to build it and license it to your suppliers or customers.  You never know.