Salesforce Sales Cloud

Mapping Your Customer Journey

Understanding how to develop a more intimate relationship with your clients is at the core of Sales Cloud. We take a holistic approach and map the touchpoints that support the entire client lifecycle.

“Cyber Group did a great job assisting us in upgrading and rolling out incremental functionality. Our experience was exceptional.”

Executive, Private Equity Firm

Make Fit Your Business

In the old world of static systems, modifying a system meant a lifetime of pain, conversions, and updates.  With Sales Cloud features, along with the platform infrastructure and our certified consultants, morphing the system to fit your business is easier than ever.


We know that all things being equal, people would rather do business with those that they know and trust.  Leveraging Sales Cloud will help to understand the complexities of relationships and organizations to “connect the dots” and deliver value.


There are many touches with a prospect that starts with awareness, moves to need development, and finishes with conversion to a customer.  Managing and storing those touchpoints, whether emails, website submissions, or drip campaigns, will provide a 360-degree view of the customer on a single platform.


It is often said that the lifeblood of any company is a healthy pipeline.  With Sales Cloud, we provide you with a clear vision of trends and metrics that allow you to deploy the best resources you have, in the right stage, at the most appropriate time.


Whether viewing on the web or through a tablet or mobile application, accessing the right information at the moment of value creation may be the difference between winning and losing.