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Is Your User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Rushed and Not Comprehensive?

Key business SMEs are often already over utilized and don’t have the time to test the application completely at the time of request. As a result there are lots of bugs that are caught in production and disappointed users along with them. Quality Assurance (QA) professionals at Cyber Group take a business first approach and undertake UAT on behalf of the SMEs. We have built a solid methodology for executing these projects whether it is a new ERP implementation or even a massive application modernization project. No matter how many departments or functions are touched, Cyber Group can transform your user acceptance testing.

Automated Testing Tools

Are Not

Equivalent to Automated Tests

Building useful automated tests is a complex process that goes beyond simply acquiring a toolset. Successful automated tests start with defining a clear goal. This goal will need to be broken down into achievable milestones in order to clearly measure progress and optimize your strategy as more is learned. Cyber Group helps clients create a value-based methodology to prioritize test cases for automation. Test cases can then be categorized under smoke test, regression automation and functional automation.

As the automation suite matures within an organization, Cyber Group also helps develop User Interface (UI) automation, API automation and Test Driven evelopment (TDD).

Automated Tests

Do Not

Eliminate the Need for Manual Testing

Many organizations start their test automation initiative with the objective to eliminate manual testing. However, they find that the reality of automated testing falls below expectations. While test automation can eliminate repetitive test cases, automation is not a total replacement for manual testing. Newly added functionality, usability testing and exploratory testing still require significant manual efforts to ensure software quality.

Since every test case doesn’t need to be automated, how do we decide which ones to automate? Cyber Group follows a test automation prioritization framework to decide which scenarios should and shouldn’t be automated.

How are Your Development and Devops Team
Accountable for Ensuring Software Quality?

The QA team is not solely responsible for software quality. Development and DevOps teams need to share the responsibilities of software quality. According to Gartner, “agile and DevOps initiatives will cause at least 75% of the enterprises to implement test automation.”

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