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Customer Experience Automation

We built a forecasting algorithm, integrating the results that come from our algorithm with Salesforce (ExactTarget) to establish an automatic communication with each customer on a weekly basis. To elaborate, Salesforce was our Customer Relationship Management system, and that’s how they track and communicate with customers. We created feeds to provide data into Salesforce. Every […]

Salesforce Upgrade & Enhancement

Though the client required an aggressive timeline due to contractual agreements, Cyber Group was able to leverage its’ Salesforce onshore/offshore capabilities model and agile project methodology to work around the clock supporting the project and bringing it to a successful launch. Key deliverables included: migration of all metadata via Visual Studio code with Salesforce plugins […]

Salesforce CRM Lead Management System

Implementing a robust CRM enterprise suite can help a business scale by allowing them to more effectively reach and maintain new customers. The client did not want to build their own Salesforce CRM to prospect those leads so they came to us to see how we could capture their leads and funnel them to the […]

Heroku Migration

Needing better access controls, team management, and isolated networks, our client asked Cyber Group to migrate their 75 apps from a personal account to an Enterprise tenant. If we didn’t provide a solution for our client, they would face an increased risk in security as it has become increasingly difficult for them to manage access […]

Data Analytics and Reporting Engine Development

Our client, an energy retailer, was working with close to twenty different markets, and they had five different billing engines for these twenty markets. They asked us to create one centralized data repository, which entailed building a data integration architecture across all five of these different billing engines and turning that into a data warehouse. […]

Customer Experience – Promotion System Deployment

Updating legacy systems is a fundamentally critical part of scaling and growing a business. While internal teams can often handle the process of legacy-system updates, leveraging outsourced teams to do this can save a business time and money.

Order Management System Support

Enhancing internal business workflows is a must for businesses of all sizes to remain competitive, to scale, and to hold larger stakes in an existing market.
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