Value Proposition

Value Proposition

The holy grail of software development is quality of delivery, cost of delivery and speed of delivery.  “They” say you can only have two of the three.  Cyber Group delivers all three!

“Leveraging your blended teams of consultants at your rates allowed CAPEX projects to continue, even during the latest recession.”



Whether implementing Salesforce or developing a custom application, our consultants know how to gather requirements, implement those requirements, and test and deploy them effectively.  We strive for quality delivery every day.


The most cost-effective consulting unit is a small blended team of consultants delivering solutions.  Because we blend both on-site and offshore resources, our blended rate is compelling.


Fail fast or succeed fast.  One of the reasons we embrace agile methods is to shorten the time to deliver solutions.  Leveraging short sprints, daily stand-ups, and the concept of failing fast enables us to deliver value in a cost-efficient way and meet our clients’ time frame expectations.