Web Apps

Leverage Our Experience

For over 10 years, Cyber Group has been building custom web applications across a wide range of industries including financial services, retail energy, retail, distribution, manufacturing, and services.  We have a depth of experience and deep technical expertise.

“On a side note, we could not have gone to a web based business system at a better time… as long as people have access to web browser and internet at home they have been able to work… we would have been in tougher spot if we were still on old systems.”



We provide end-to-end quality assurance to make sure that your app is fully functional once it’s launched. We will also perform automated testing once your app is live to ensure that it remains fully functional and that any issues that may develop are addressed before they can hurt your UX.

Dynamic and Flexible

Our team of developers will design and develop dynamic and flexible web apps that are specifically customized to meet your business requirements as well as the needs of your customers using the most effective programming languages and frameworks.


No two web apps that our developers work on are the same. We understand that every business has its own specific needs, which is why we like to work closely with our clients to understand those needs and address them.


Not only will we perform routine testing to make sure the technical aspects of your app are working properly, but we will also perform a digital audit and analysis. A digital audit is a process where the practices, strategies, and outcomes of your app are evaluated.


As part of our web application development services, we will also help you choose a server architecture for your environment. We will take into account several important factors when choosing a server architecture, such as performance, reliability, cost, ease of management, availability, and scalability.